Perks at the dispensary include overtime pay plus medical benefits

I was hanging out at the sports bar a couple of weeks ago watching the big game when I overheard some locals talking about a task opportunity at a medical plus recreational marijuana dispensary near me.

I did not really want to eavesdrop, although I really wanted to know a little more about this open task.

I had just quit my full-time task at the factory because my boss plus I got into an fight. It wasn’t the kind of fight that could be avoided. My buddy and I had an immense difference in opinion when it came to the way things were going plus I did not want to be there when things fell apart. I decided to quit instead of waiting for the bosses to find a reason to fire me. I told the men that were talking about this open task at the medical plus recreational marijuana dispensary about my task at the factory. They said that it sounded as if I had loads of experience plus that I should apply for a task. I did not realize that the task wasn’t particularly at a local marijuana dispensary. The task is at the processing plant behind the store. The store is right behind to the processing plant where they handle growing plus harvesting various uncommon brands of marijuana products. The indoor area looks a lot savor a factory plus which was why the men thought I would be perfect for the task. I wasn’t particularly bummed out about getting another factory task when I found out that the current corporation perks include all the overtime I want to do each week plus medical plus dental benefits.

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