Since the accident, I haven’t gone to the weed dispensary

Marijuana really helps with the pain that I have in my arm plus my leg

I worked as a marijuana delivery driver for roughly 6 months before I got into a major motorcar wreck. Since that accident, I have been laid up in bed plus I have not been able to go anywhere. I’m fortunate that I have made a lot of friends at the marijuana dispensary and delivery service. They have been particularly nice plus helpful since the accident. I have been stuck on the sofa for most of the time. It’s really difficult for myself and others to move from the couch to the bed, so I have slept on the couch instead. I cannot take a shower on my own, so my sibling has been coming over to assist me. It’s particularly embarrassing to have my sibling help myself and others with taking a shower, but it’s a lot less embarrassing than it would be to have my mom or dad do it. One of my good friends provided to help, even though I don’t guess that would be any less awkward. I really cannot go anywhere plus my motorcar is totaled. I’m still waiting to hear from the insurance agent. I guess they are going to provide myself and others an amount that is more than I owe on the car, so that will be nice. My friends have been bringing myself and others marijuana from the cannabis dispensary. Marijuana really helps with the pain that I have in my arm plus my leg. I broke my right arm plus my left leg in the accident. I smoked marijuana before the accident, but now I really need to make sure to load up on marijuana instead of using painkillers. I know I cannot get addicted to weed, but Oxycontin is an entirely uncommon story.



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