Someone was smoking cannabis during the train ride

My girlfriend Sam plus myself took the train all the way to the city.

It’s a 90-minute ride from the stop by our apartment all the way to the middle of the city.

Sam and I could always get off on the stop that is only sixty minutes away, but there aren’t nearly as various fun things I enjoy as there are in the middle of the city. The train is not too bad. The seats are all fairly comfortable plus there are several security officers that walk up plus down each 1 of the train cars to make sure that there are no issues. I remember 20 years ago when you could not ride the train without fearing for your life plus well-being, but things have changed a fantastic deal since then. Another thing which has changed is the legalization of cannabis, cannabis was legalized in the state six years ago plus more than one years ago it was legalized for recreational plus medical reasons. Anyone who is over the age of 21 can go to a cannabis dispensary plus legally purchase products. As long as they have a valid ID card, 1 person can purchase up to 8 grams of concentrate, 1 oz of marijuana flower, or 1 oz of inhalants at a time. There are lots of uncommon marijuana dispensaries located throughout the state plus it is not unregular to see people parked outside of a dispensary. It is still a bit weird to see someone smoking cannabis on the train. There was a guy on the train smoking a cannabis joint plus he had a joint lit up. When the security officer entered the train car, he quickly subdued the smoker plus put out the marijuana joint.

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