The boss wouldn't let me off to go to the cannabis dispensary

Every Sunday from 4:00 until 6:00 in the afternoon, all items at the marijuana dispensary near myself and others are discounted by 25%.

They have a sale on Sunday day plus they call it glad minute. It’s the only time during the week when this marijuana dispensary near myself and others has a sale this big. 25% off is a really immense discount. There is not another place near myself and others that has a sale this big, so I always do my level best to go to the marijuana dispensary near myself and others when they have this sale. I’m usually off every single Sunday, so it’s been simple to go to the glad minute saleā€¦ Last Sunday my boss Jim asked myself and others if I would work. I told Jim that I would come in at 11:00 plus labor until 4:00, even though I wanted to leave at that time. I did not want to stay any later. By 4:00, my boss Jim was nowhere to be found. I could not leave without having someone else take my place. At 4:30, I finally shut off my unit so I could go home. I found Jim plus he told myself and others that I could not go my lakeside home early. I had to stay until the end of the shift at 7:00. I knew that I would miss the marijuana dispensary sale, so I tried to push back at my boss. There was no way that Jim was going to budge even after I reminded him that he said I could go lake home at 4:00; Jim insisted that I was there now plus could not leave him short-handed. That’s the last time I will do Jim a favor.



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