Cannabis grows wild in the apartment building

On the 9th floor of the apartment building is where my wife in addition to myself live.

Our building is deep in the city and the dwelling is quite old.

The family window is actually a fire escape and there is a grading platform on the outside where I sit by the fire escape. I hang around plus watch people that are walking on the street. Directly across from my own window is a kid that was making weed during the quarantine. The kid and also myself became unbelievable friends because the kid had several cannabis plants growing in the apartment. When all of us were locked down, there was no way for us to leave the house and I could not go to the local cannabis shop. I did not even have the chance to have marijuana delivered by bike messenger. I was running out of my preferred thing to smoke so I contacted my buddy who was able to send me fresh plucked cannabis into a small plastic bag and then slide it across the way from one apartment to the other. We exchanged a couple of beers for the marijuana. The exchange for beers was an honorable trade and this was something that helped all of us survive the entire lockdown. During some time when the two of us can get together now, we’re going to discuss how my friend grows wild cannabis in the apartment building. The indoor grown cannabis is pretty good and some of the best that I have ever smoked.

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