Poker night is fun with or without marijuana

I have known my friend Mike for at least 20 years or longer period he and I were very close friends and my associate and myself were actually the same age when we lived in that town.

We were not very far apart and probably had houses that were within a mile of each other.

We were in most classes of the same until both of us graduated and then my associate and also myself opted to choose separate ways. Many years quite later, I honestly found the guy by chance hanging out near a smoking Lounge of this cannabis dispensary. All of my friends and myself played poker and someone wanted to shut down the game because he said that it was illegal for us to play for money.The dispensary and the place where my friends and I regularly hung out and this was not the first time that someone had given us a problem. My friends and I knew exactly what to do. We got buds of marijuana out and use them as a conversion from cash to weed. At the end of the time when all of us were done playing, the people I was with in addition to myself divided up the different marijuana products just as they work at. The manager of the dispensary couldn’t really say too much about what had happened after that because we were not technically putting any money anywhere at all and that meant that there was nothing that he could do because we were just playing for fun.

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