The cannabis club feels like the office sitcom

All people prefer the show that is also called the office.

It is something that people seem to believe that employees can be setting comedy and that is a person that is like me.

I prefer to even write about the shenanigans and antics of the crew and the staff at my small cannabis shop near me. The smoke cannabis shop is easily a collection of oddballs and also misfits. Many of the months ago when I was writing comedy cable show scripts, I set up a shop and talked about mine. I added all the employees as Amy characters and the project was just for fun because I do not know exactly how I would film a show. Characters include the store manager who was a Loosely based person that is actually me. There are many great clients coming to the marijuana shop during the morning and some of the scenes actually write themselves. Characters based on things like Big Bill who is a bouncer is a person that many of us considered to be funny. I have a floor manager at the cannabis shop and she is the inventory clerk that manages everyone else and she is a person that likes to have things the way that they are done. Sometimes the Cannabis Club where I work does feel like an office and most of the time it is weird and much like a cable situation comedy. Some of the funniest things happen at the Cannabis Club and I wish that I had a camera.


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