The finalists were chosen on Tuesday

Ed is one of my friends who grows cannabis at her property.

The woman made a big room for the cannabis to grow plus Ed takes care of each one of the plants as if they are tiny little children.

Every afternoon Ed gets up at noon plus talks to one of the plants, then she waters all of the cannabis plants plus makes sure they have enough light. Ed decided to enter one of her cannabis plants in a special contest up north. Ed entered an indica plant she called Granddaddy purp. The buds on the Granddaddy Purp plant were bigger than anything that I have ever seen. I thought that the Granddaddy Purp plant was the one to display as well. I thought Ed had a wonderful opportunity of taking condo one of the top prizes. The winner of the cannabis Cup contest acquired 25,000 bucks in prize money plus the yearly title of being the king or queen. Second plus third places also acquired money plus second venue acquired a lot of special grow apartment components for marijuana plants. The top 10 finalists were chosen on Wednesday plus I wasn’t surprised that Ed was chosen as one of the top 10. My friend gets an all expense paid 3-day holiday to “the city that never sleeps,” because that is where they are going to announce the first venue winner. I am going along for moral support, however Ed wants me to be there when she wins. I really suppose Ed has a wonderful opportunity of winning prize money this year.
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