The shipping company finally lost our lovely, current lights

I’m entirely too infuriated with my shipping corporation, because they lost the lovely current lights that my pal and I were going to put up in the marijuana dispensary; then the owner of the marijuana dispensary was here for 3 weeks as well as while in that time he made a lot of notes about things that he wanted to change.

The director was also working taxing to make sure that everything on the list was completed as well as correct! One of the things that he wanted to be respected was the lighting, then my associate and I had plain old colorless lights throughout the store.

They were boring as well as basic, however cost effective as well as energy efficient. The current halogen bulbs had to be the same color as our company logo. My associate and I sell a variety of farming as well as cannabis growhouse supplies; I then agreed that the bulbs being the same color as our logo was a great idea. They are both green as well as that also signifies the fact that my pal and I sell marijuana supplies. My associate and I ordered different lighting from a company out west. The shipping company lost our lovely current lights as well and I didn’t find out about it until they were supposed to be here. The shipping company apologized for the delay, but I thought it was going to cost me a customer. I yelled as well as screamed on the phone as well as the lady told me that she couldn’t do anything about the problem, but she could order another set of lights, however they wouldn’t be shipped until Sunday. I still get mad when I talk about the entire debacle sometimes. The shipping company better find a way to make this up to me.


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