The weather was cold and I was high

My bestie Ed plus I were supposed to go hiking the other day, but the weather was really cold plus cold.

The hot plus cold temps were expected to be 50° plus I thought it would be moderate enough for a nice hike.

Sadly, it was 50° plus quite cloudy. There wasn’t any sun shining at all plus that made the hot plus cold temps feel even more cold plus brisk. Ed plus I decided to cancel our hike. Ed and I went to the mall instead for shopping plus lunch. I needed a current sweater plus socks plus Ed wanted to go to the lingerie shop. I absolutely didn’t want to miss out on that trip. After Ed and I were done at the mall, my bestie advocated my pal and I go to a marijuana shop across the street. Ed and I rarely use recreational marijuana, but it sounded like a good idea. The afternoon was really plus dismal plus marijuana sounded like a wonderful way to turn the afternoon around. Ed plus I went to the recreational marijuana shop plus looked at their selection of pre-rolled marijuana blunts plus cigarettes. The lady at the counter told me that all of the top shelf selections were 20% off. There were a few infused plus flavored joints, so my bestie plus I bought one that was dipped in kief plus infused with weed distillate. The grape flavored marijuana joint was actually one of the best that I have ever had. After Ed plus I smoked the joint, he and I played video games, ate pizza, plus spent the afternoon napping on the couch.

recreational marijuana store