Their premium flower choices were robust

I like being able to buy premium marijuana flowers, but the only time I can afford the high-priced packages of buds is when I have OT at work or there is a sale.

I don’t correctly get OT at work, but every once in a while I will have the option to work an extra 8-hour shift. I use the money from my OT to get special types of marijuana flower like top shelf indica plus sativa strains, however over the weekend there was a major sale at a marijuana dispensary near me, a lot of items were about to hit the clearance shelf plus my friend Ed found out about the sale a few afternoons early. Ed and I were there early on Tuesday afternoon when they put all of the clearance items out on the shelves. There were a lot of top shelf flower choices. In fact, some of the more high-priced marijuana openings were up to 50% off. I picked up two fifths of indica marijuana flower at an extraordinary deal. Each one of these packages were 50% off plus it was like buying one plus getting one for free. I also got some top shelf concentrates from the sale. I got something from a manufacturer that only sells live rosin concentrates. These products were normally around $90 for each one plus they were only $25 in the clearance bin. Ed plus I got all of the wonderful stuff before anyone else had the opportunity to go through the bin. I really saved about $125 on all of the various sales that afternoon.

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