My office job is better with edibles

In this economy, I know I’m fortunate to have such a good job.

  • A lot of my friends are worried about their careers, and think they could get fired on any given day.

I have safety and security in this office. The pay is decent, the benefits are great, but the job security is hard to beat. On the other hand, this office is miserable. I hate it here, and if I didn’t need a secure income to provide for my family I would quit in a heartbeat. In order to keep showing up on time and doing all my assignments, I need a little extra help from cannabis edibles. At home I prefer to smoke cannabis, because the edibles tend to make me sleepy, but at the office they relax me the perfect amount so I can focus on my assignments. Being a little bit sleepy in the office is so nice, and oddly enough it has made me more successful. Since the cannabis edibles reduce my stress and anxiety I am doing better with my sales calls, and actually more popular with my coworkers. If I knew cannabis edibles had so many benefits I would have started doing this a long time ago. I take a few cannabis edibles in the morning, and usually by the time I am driving home in the evening they have worn off. Then I start getting high for real! Smoking cannabis is for fun and enjoyment at home, and the cannabis edibles are used to keep me productive and happy at the office.
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