Smoking cannabis in the shed

When the kids were on Spring Break this year, we didn’t have enough money for a vacation.

Instead I told them they could invite friends over for a big slumber party weekend.

Buying snacks, drinks, and entertainment for a dozen kids is still markedly cheaper than taking a trip to the beach. My wife was kind enough to act as the manager, and keep an eye on the youngsters so nobody got too out of hand. As all that was happening I slipped out back and went to the workshed, which is where I keep all my cannabis and gear. I smoke a lot of cannabis, but never do it around the children. I always smoke in the work shed, so that the secondhand cannabis smoke doesn’t bother anyone else. I was hanging out in the shed enjoying a fat bowl of a new cannabis sativa strain called Going Bananas. As you might have guessed, this was a strain of cannabis that was bright yellow in color, and tasted distinctly of bananas. I don’t even like eating bananas, but this sativa was off the charts delicious! I heard the kids come out into the yard and start playing a game. One of the kids smelled the cannabis smoke from the shed, and asked what it was. I heard my son say “that’s where my dad goes to get high” and my jaw dropped! I had no idea the kids knew I smoked cannabis, but it seems my “secret” was not so secret after all. I wonder if they will ever ask me about cannabis, or if they just accept it?



Purple haze