Awesome adventure made better with cannabis

Some situations seem like they are just absolutely made for cannabis products.

For sure, there are plenty of folks who might argue that any moment is made for cannabis products. And honestly, I don’t think I can disagree with that observation. I know that discovering marijuana has changed my life for the better in so many different but hugely significant ways. Actually, recreational marijuana has opened up a side to life that I wasn’t paying much attention to. Up til about 18 months ago, my life was all about achievement and manipulating perceptions. That sounds pretty shallow because it definitely was. Yet, that’s sort of how I was brought up. It was all about how much money one had and how well a person was thought of by the right people that counted. I’m so glad that I come from a much different perspective these days. And with that more positive, compassionate and honest perspective has come a lifestyle change. These days, I just love getting out into nature to enjoy the reset I get from being out there. And it’s even made that much more meaningful to have a partner in all of that. My girlfriend and I love to take long weekends hiking and camping. And I always pack some cannabis edibles or some sativa products for the trip. There is nothing like watching a sunset from an amazing vantage point with a partner and the warm buzz of cannabis. I love these trips because they remind me of all the things that are actually important in this life. All the senseless drama that was once a constant part of my life has now fallen away. In it’s place there is real beauty and real truth. I have marijuana to thank for that in large part.


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