My neighbor owns and operates her own CBD store

For years, my neighbor Janice has always been into holistic healing and natural remedies; In fact, when she was tested with a chronic illness, she sought the help of a naturalist healthcare expert versus a traditional one, then and ever since she was cured using natural medicines, she has dedicated her life to helping others with their chronic illnesses; So, it came as no surprise to me when she decided to open up her own CBD store.

This was something that she discussed doing for years.

And now that marijuana products are legal in our state, she can sell any approved products that she desires in her CBD store. Some of the CBD products that she sells include oils and tinctures, gummies, edibles, lotions and other topical products… CBD products are primarily made from hemp, which is a type of cannabis that won’t get you high. So, based on the studies CBD products are safe to use even on children, and my daughter suffers from entirely bad eczema, and a few years ago, Janice introduced me to a cream that was made from CBD, and due to its anti-inflammatory properties, the CBD cream was tremendously helpful in reducing the symptoms of my daughter’s eczema. Since then, I have been purchasing CBD cream from several venues in my town, however now that Janice has her own store, she has gained a lifelong customer, but while most of the studies are not conclusive about the use of CBD products to cure or help with certain illnesses, I can attest that CBD products have worked wonders on my daughter.


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