Cannabis products are my answer to depression

For those suffering with depression, it’s far more complicated than showing up to the doc for meds.

When I was first diagnosed with chronic depression, that was the first thing I ended up with.

The meds did make a difference when it came to certain aspects of my depression. But getting to the center of my situation didn’t come until I started treating with medical marijuana. I hadn’t ever used any sort of cannabis products in my life. I steered clear of all substances like alcohol and recreational drugs for fear of worsening the crisis in my head. So much of my depression was a direct result of isolating myself in both body and mind. There was just so much going on in my head that I was too anxious and fearful to live my life. The root causes of that go back to childhood and I never would have gotten there had I not started treating with medical cannabis. It took me finding a therapist who was more holistically oriented to finally get past having my life being dictated by depression. And that started by facing the anxieties and fears that caused my depression. Using the cannabis flower products allowed me to feel safe and comfortable as I delved into the root causes of my anxiety. Sure, there are biological reasons for my anxiety as well. But using medical marijuana from the legal weed store allowed me to get beyond just the biological stuff to a place of acceptance. And with that acceptance of my past, my biology and current self, I found the freedom to not live in fear. I have to say that I’m on my way toward living my most authentic self. And that just doesn’t happen without access to a cannabis dispensary.


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