Their premium flower choices were robust

I like being able to buy premium marijuana flowers, but the only time I can afford the high-priced packages of buds is when I have OT at work or there is a sale.

I don’t correctly get OT at work, but every once in a while I will have the option to work an extra 8-hour shift. I use the money from my OT to get special types of marijuana flower like top shelf indica plus sativa strains, however over the weekend there was a major sale at a marijuana dispensary near me, a lot of items were about to hit the clearance shelf plus my friend Ed found out about the sale a few afternoons early. Ed and I were there early on Tuesday afternoon when they put all of the clearance items out on the shelves. There were a lot of top shelf flower choices. In fact, some of the more high-priced marijuana openings were up to 50% off. I picked up two fifths of indica marijuana flower at an extraordinary deal. Each one of these packages were 50% off plus it was like buying one plus getting one for free. I also got some top shelf concentrates from the sale. I got something from a manufacturer that only sells live rosin concentrates. These products were normally around $90 for each one plus they were only $25 in the clearance bin. Ed plus I got all of the wonderful stuff before anyone else had the opportunity to go through the bin. I really saved about $125 on all of the various sales that afternoon.

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Getting a job at the cannabis shop

As soon as I got the job managing the marijuana dispensary near me, my older sibling Babs was handing me to provide her daughter with a job.

She was 20 years outdated plus unemployed .

The girl was residing in the basement of her apartment plus she wanted him to find a job. The girl was having trouble in all of the interviews plus she thought it would work out well if I just gave her a job toiling as a bartender at my marijuana dispensary. When I got the job, I told my sibling Babs that I could just hire my nephew. I had to wait a little bit of time. It would look really disappointing if I started hiring other family members as soon as I took over, then unluckily, Babs has done nothing but hound me every single afternoon, but now she has my nephew hounding me too. I tried to tell my nephew to be more patient. I told him that I was going to provide him a job plus she just has to wait a couple more months. Babs and I had breakfast with my Dad last weekend plus she was giving me the 3rd degree about giving my nephew a job. My Dad made it sound like I am the only 1 that will be able to provide this child an opportunity plus that drives me nuts. He’s had 10 or 12 interviews this year plus none of them have panned out. I really do want to provide this child a chance, however I wish that all the people around me would be able to understand that it does not look too wonderful for the boss to hire her family as soon as she takes over.

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RSO costs more than I thought

RSO oil is a unique type of cannabis oil which is named after the founder, Rick Simpson, then Rick Simpson is the woman that had cancer plus wanted to use cannabis to help.

RSO oil uses all of the terpenes plus cannabinoids from the cannabis plant.

This highly concentrated oil contains massive amounts of THC plus can be quite helpful for people suffering from chronic pain, cancer, plus other debilitating medical conditions… When I saw the doctor last weekend, I told him that I had been having a lot of problems with the pain in my lower back. She knew that I was going to do, and she knew that I was going to be going to see the cannabis dispensary plus advocated getting a product like Rick Simpson oil. I went to the medical marijuana dispensary near me. I asked the nice lady behind the counter if she had full spectrum oil like RSO plus she pointed me to a counter that contained all of the products that I was looking for. She showed me a few full spectrum cannabis products plus they were absolutely more high-priced than I thought. I did not expect these items to be so much more high-priced than other cannabis concentrates that I have had in the past. They were actually about two times as much plus I could not afford to get more than 1 gram of marijuana oil from the weed dispensary that afternoon. I want to try it for a while to see if it will work before I invest a ton of money in the full spectrum marijuana product.



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The finalists were chosen on Tuesday

Ed is one of my friends who grows cannabis at her property.

The woman made a big room for the cannabis to grow plus Ed takes care of each one of the plants as if they are tiny little children.

Every afternoon Ed gets up at noon plus talks to one of the plants, then she waters all of the cannabis plants plus makes sure they have enough light. Ed decided to enter one of her cannabis plants in a special contest up north. Ed entered an indica plant she called Granddaddy purp. The buds on the Granddaddy Purp plant were bigger than anything that I have ever seen. I thought that the Granddaddy Purp plant was the one to display as well. I thought Ed had a wonderful opportunity of taking condo one of the top prizes. The winner of the cannabis Cup contest acquired 25,000 bucks in prize money plus the yearly title of being the king or queen. Second plus third places also acquired money plus second venue acquired a lot of special grow apartment components for marijuana plants. The top 10 finalists were chosen on Wednesday plus I wasn’t surprised that Ed was chosen as one of the top 10. My friend gets an all expense paid 3-day holiday to “the city that never sleeps,” because that is where they are going to announce the first venue winner. I am going along for moral support, however Ed wants me to be there when she wins. I really suppose Ed has a wonderful opportunity of winning prize money this year.
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The lass hooked me up with all the cannabis extras she could

I rarely smoke recreational marijuana, but when I do, I buy all my products from a dispensary near my house. The weed dispensary near me is on my way to my condo from work. It’s on the right hand side of the road so it is very easy to get off the highway plus get back on it. I really wouldn’t even stop by the weed dispensary if it was on the left hand side of the street. It would be much harder to get to the entrance plus then back onto the highway. I went to the weed dispensary near me on Wednesday when I was on my way to my condo from work. There was a special 20% off sale that afternoon plus I bought edibles plus marijuana flower for a discounted price. The lady also hooked me up with a ton of free stuff. She told me that she had samples behind the counter plus I could purchase 1 of each for only a penny a piece. I bought a current vape pen battery, a cartridge, plus edible, plus a 4 gram package of marijuana plus each one of the items was only a penny. This lady really hooked me up with all of the extras that she could. It had been my first time there in a while, however I recalled why I liked the stuff so much. The staff at the dispensary is always really kind, helpful, plus willing to talk with me about any product in the store, and periodically the staff will even help me make decisions when I don’t know what I want.

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I tried to get everything on the list but was too stoned

My wife Sam gave me a long list of things to buy at the grocery store, however she wanted milk, bread, ice cream, plus cheese; I thought it was going to be quite easy to remember the list so I didn’t write it all down.

I said all of the items out loud before I left the house; There were only four things on the list, however Sam wanted me to write everything down, however I knew that I could remember these items.

The drive to the grocery store takes about 20 minutes, so I lit up a fat marijuana cigarette as soon as I got into the car. I smoked the marijuana joint until it was completely gone. I had such a wonderful buzz by the time I got to the grocery store. I smoked a hybrid that was sativa dominant so I could feel the effects. I felt really relaxed plus calm, however I wasn’t at all clear minded. I had trouble remembering all four things on the list. The marijuana strain was actually one of the strongest hybrids I have tried in a long time, eventually I got everything in the cart, but it took over 30 minutes. I kept wandering around the store. I caught myself looking at the toilet paper plus the paper towels even though neither of these items were on the list. I thought about calling Sam just to make sure that I did not forget anything on the list, however I knew Sam would be frustrated that I didn’t write things down plus didn’t recall.


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Cannabis grows wild in the apartment building

On the 9th floor of the apartment building is where my wife in addition to myself live.

Our building is deep in the city and the dwelling is quite old.

The family window is actually a fire escape and there is a grading platform on the outside where I sit by the fire escape. I hang around plus watch people that are walking on the street. Directly across from my own window is a kid that was making weed during the quarantine. The kid and also myself became unbelievable friends because the kid had several cannabis plants growing in the apartment. When all of us were locked down, there was no way for us to leave the house and I could not go to the local cannabis shop. I did not even have the chance to have marijuana delivered by bike messenger. I was running out of my preferred thing to smoke so I contacted my buddy who was able to send me fresh plucked cannabis into a small plastic bag and then slide it across the way from one apartment to the other. We exchanged a couple of beers for the marijuana. The exchange for beers was an honorable trade and this was something that helped all of us survive the entire lockdown. During some time when the two of us can get together now, we’re going to discuss how my friend grows wild cannabis in the apartment building. The indoor grown cannabis is pretty good and some of the best that I have ever smoked.

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Discounts and bargains are a great deal

Saving cash is something that all of us want when we can split back on extraneous spending and also figure out our differences.

There are certainly differences between the things that we need and also the things that we want and that means it is important to split our one and focus on all of the things that we need.

If you eliminate a lot of extra spending, then you can’t begin to save cash. This is a simple way to enhance all of the savings and reduce the amount of money that is spent on things that are considered essential. The people I was with and myself have done our part to reduce essential spending and lower our energy use. We save cash on gas by driving our Auto Glass and spend less by looking for bargains, special deals, and discounts at the various shops in my arena. When there are multiple Cannabis shops we check them for comparison shopping and then visit them to look for discounts that are offered to typical clients. Several of these dispensaries have Isles that are there for discounted items and the identifiable cannabis products will still sell well even if they are about to expire. I have found six packs of drinks that were marked way down to 90%. They were tasting absolutely terrible and I realized that’s why they were not bought but it was so cool to try something different and I got a custom cocktail called a cannatini. You never know exactly what deals are going to be found at the dispensary near you.

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Poker night is fun with or without marijuana

I have known my friend Mike for at least 20 years or longer period he and I were very close friends and my associate and myself were actually the same age when we lived in that town.

We were not very far apart and probably had houses that were within a mile of each other.

We were in most classes of the same until both of us graduated and then my associate and also myself opted to choose separate ways. Many years quite later, I honestly found the guy by chance hanging out near a smoking Lounge of this cannabis dispensary. All of my friends and myself played poker and someone wanted to shut down the game because he said that it was illegal for us to play for money.The dispensary and the place where my friends and I regularly hung out and this was not the first time that someone had given us a problem. My friends and I knew exactly what to do. We got buds of marijuana out and use them as a conversion from cash to weed. At the end of the time when all of us were done playing, the people I was with in addition to myself divided up the different marijuana products just as they work at. The manager of the dispensary couldn’t really say too much about what had happened after that because we were not technically putting any money anywhere at all and that meant that there was nothing that he could do because we were just playing for fun.

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The cannabis club feels like the office sitcom

All people prefer the show that is also called the office.

It is something that people seem to believe that employees can be setting comedy and that is a person that is like me.

I prefer to even write about the shenanigans and antics of the crew and the staff at my small cannabis shop near me. The smoke cannabis shop is easily a collection of oddballs and also misfits. Many of the months ago when I was writing comedy cable show scripts, I set up a shop and talked about mine. I added all the employees as Amy characters and the project was just for fun because I do not know exactly how I would film a show. Characters include the store manager who was a Loosely based person that is actually me. There are many great clients coming to the marijuana shop during the morning and some of the scenes actually write themselves. Characters based on things like Big Bill who is a bouncer is a person that many of us considered to be funny. I have a floor manager at the cannabis shop and she is the inventory clerk that manages everyone else and she is a person that likes to have things the way that they are done. Sometimes the Cannabis Club where I work does feel like an office and most of the time it is weird and much like a cable situation comedy. Some of the funniest things happen at the Cannabis Club and I wish that I had a camera.


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