Peace, love, and cannabis

I have always been a big fan of Bob Marley.

With my appreciation of his music, I have also appreciated his lifestyle of the years.

This is why I started smoking cannabis at a younger age. There was nothing better than jamming out to the songs while smoking some cannabis. There is a certain reverence to it. Eventually, I decided to look more into the religious side of using cannabis. I came to learn that it is written in the bible that every green herb on the planet was intended for man as a gift from God. I looked into the Rastafarian religion and I really connected with it along with the religious teachings. I also appreciate the other Marleys like Ziggy and Damian Marley. I have all of their music albums and they are great. A lot of people know that I appreciate cannabis and that I have a religious belief about it. I often talk to people about the religious side and oftentimes we will all go down to the cannabis dispensary and pick up some cannabis products. Some people will get involved with my religious ceremonies and we will pray together and study scripture. Others just love to hang out and take some puffs of cannabis flower, and that’s alright too. A lot of my buddies appreciate Bob Marley almost as much as I do and I’m really happy about that. The more people who are touched by this wonderful music, the better we are off. The music is all about peace and loving your fellow people in the world.
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I have learned a little bit about cannabis religions

I realize that there are many medicines out there that will put you under, and the ‘high’ from THC isn’t so bad compared to many, but I would rather keep a clear head if possible

I have actually heard of various religions that involve partaking of cannabis. I honestly always thought this was absurd until somebody was telling me more about it. They actually pointed out that it is written in the bible about every green herb being made for man. This includes everything else in the land like the fowl of the earth and the creatures in the oceans. It’s actually very interesting to me because all of these herbs and even weeds in the world have some type of medicinal properties. They are supposed to be for our benefit and they are basically gifts from God. When things have been explained to me in such a way, it’s no longer difficult for me to see that cannabis being linked with religion is entirely legit. I probably won’t go to church to worship and smoke cannabis or anything like that, but I do believe in the medicinal properties of cannabis especially after talking with people who work at the cannabis dispensary. I actually prefer to take CBD oil myself which I am able to pick up at the cannabis dispensary. I also enjoy many of the edibles. The reason I prefer to take CBD is that I never really enjoyed the ‘high’ that comes with partaking of cannabis. I realize that there are many medicines out there that will put you under, and the ‘high’ from THC isn’t so bad compared to many, but I would rather keep a clear head if possible. I am able to enjoy some of the benefits from cannabis with CBD and also keep a clear head, which suits me perfectly. Perhaps one of these days I will take some cannabis oil with THC if I know that I need it for some medical complication.

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Most Americans are for legalization of cannabis

I have to wonder why so many people lie about things all the time.

I mean, I guess there’s nothing wrong with a type of lie that is for the purpose of protecting the innocent.

I suppose telling our kids about Santa Claus isn’t terrible, most people do that. But it really bothers me that our government told so many lies about cannabis. How is it that they made such a beneficial plant look so bad? It’s crazy to think that cannabis used to grow everywhere, it is a ‘weed’ as a matter of fact. It just so happens that all kinds of weeds and herbs have tons of medicinal properties that most people are not aware of. You won’t learn anything about it from the government, that’s for certain. Why would they want to admit that they have been lying to us about so many things over the years. I have done quite a bit of research and have talked to numerous people. I came to find that cannabis was demonized initially because of a man who hated Mexican people and Black Jazz musicians. He happened to be the first commissioner of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics and his name was Harry Anslinger. He was motivated by his racism and he worked tirelessly to find ways to ruin the lives of African American people. He eventually targeted cannabis because a lot of African American people loved to smoke it, just as Mexican people did. Through massive media lies and propaganda that were spread, eventually cannabis was made illegal in 1937. The rest is history, but finally people are realizing that cannabis is actually good for you and most Americans are for legalization of this powerful medicine. I am thankful that we have cannabis dispensaries coming up everywhere where people can learn the truth about various cannabis products.

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I honestly knew nothing about medical marijuana

I truly didn’t know what to think at first when my parents decided to open up a cannabis dispensary.

  • At first it was all about medical marijuana because that is the program that was legal in our state.

Eventually, they decided to legalize recreational marijuana. I have to say that this was all very confusing to me because I was always taught at school about how marijuana is a gateway drug and it would surely lead you down the path to dangerous narcotics. I finally ended up talking to my parents about it and I even went to the cannabis dispensary and talked to some of the budtenders. I was amazed at how much I didn’t know about cannabis products and how they are incredibly beneficial for just about everybody. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing when I was learning about the endocannabinoid system. We all have it, and it regulates all the crucial functions in our bodies. The thing about THC and CBD is that they happen to be some of the most important cannabinoids and they help us improve various functions in our bodies. They help us to get better sleep at night, they help with muscle soreness and severe pain. Some people even get cannabis for chronic pain and I feel that I could benefit from that alone. I certainly do have trouble sleeping at night so now after learning more about the benefits of cannabis, I think I will give some of the products a try. If my own parents are advocates for the benefits of cannabis, I suppose it can’t be as bad as I used to think.


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I can’t believe I didn’t learn about the benefits of cannabis sooner

When I first heard people talking about getting cannabis products from the cannabis dispensary, I have to admit, I was very skeptical that these products could benefit me in the least.

That was until I finally was talked into going to a local cannabis dispensary.

I was absolutely amazed by how professional the budtenders were and how the place seemed more like a medical establishment than anything else. I thought it was going to be a bunch of hippies or something like that trying to sell me different types of weed. It honestly wasn’t like that at all and I actually feel bad for even thinking that in the first place. I have come to learn a lot about the benefits of cannabis from going to the local cannabis dispensaries. All these years, I have been taught that cannabis is basically the most evil drug on the planet. The truth of the situation is that cannabis has numerous benefits for all types of ailments. I have struggled with keeping up my appetite and I also have struggled with sleeping at night. When I started using various cannabis products, all of that changed. I was finally able to eat a healthy amount of food as my appetite naturally increased by using cannabis, and also I was able to sleep better at night. I never felt so refreshed in all my years until I started using cannabis products. I enjoy all kinds too. I love the various edibles, I love the oils, the solvents, even the lotions! I enjoy using the CBD products when I want to keep a clear head and I can’t believe that I didn’t learn about the amazing benefits of cannabis sooner.


Different methods to take cannabis

The first time I went to a cannabis dispensary, I was shocked by the numerous methods of consumption there are.

The delivery method of cannabis into the body is quite pressing.

The mental and physical benefits of cannabis are largely changed by how it’s taken. Each method provides a unique experience plus different effects. Before I started shopping consistently at our local dispensary I was only aware of the most basic delivery methods. There is inhalation, oral plus topical. But, within those types of delivery there are numerous techniques that make a big difference. For inhalation ideas there is smoke plus vaporization. For smoking, there’s a lot of devices to choose from. You can do bongs, pipes, papers and hookahs. My local dispensary carries a wide selection of hand pipes that are small, easy to carry plus even quite decorative. I was more interested in the vaporizers because of the health benefits. A vaporizer heats the product to a temperature that is good enough to extract THC, CBD plus other cannabinoids. However, the temperatures are not high enough for harmful toxins to be released while in combustion. There’s also less of a smell too. Vaporizers accommodate the use of cannabis concentrates that are around in forms such as oil or wax. But, dabbing is a form of vaporization where vapor is trapped in a glass ball plus inhaled. My local dispensary offers a dab bar that is a convenient place to relax plus socialize. They also include an array of oral delivery methods, including drinks, ingestible oils and infused foods or waxes.

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A very informative cannabis dispensary tour

The first time I went to a cannabis dispensary, I was completely unsure.

I was really curious plus very interested in trying recreational marijuana.

My work is quite stressful plus I often suffer from migraines plus have difficulty sleeping. I hoped to find some help through cannabis. I wasn’t sure about any of the different strains of ingestion methods. I should have done some research to get a little more certain with the products on the market. Instead, I simply went to the closest dispensary plus hoped they would give me some assistance. Lucky for me, the staff at our local dispensary is really smart and good at what they do. I was greeted plus made to feel welcome from the moment I stepped right inside. When I admitted my lack of knowledge, a budtender let me take a peak around plus explained the difference between flowers, edibles, tinctures, oils plus the other products they had. I was surprised by the different methods of ingestion. I assumed that I’d need to smoke weed in order to get high. There was an entire display case devoted to edibles with cannabis infused in them. They had everything from butters plus sugars to pasta sauces plus candies. There was a line to topicals plus even bath lotions. The budtender explained that the dispensary has their own growers who make strains to their certain requirements. They are able to uphold higher standards of quality from seed to table. I really enjoyed that tour of the cannabis dispensary.

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The cannabis dispensary closest to me is the best

Shortly after our state allowed recreational marijuna, around 8 dispensaries opened up in our local area.

While I was interested in the buying of legal cannabis for recreational purposes, I was concerned about finding a safe plus reliable product.

I assumed that marijuana would be like any other product, with a wide range of options available. Ingesting a product that is compromised with toxins could have a drawback impact on our health. There’s also a huge change in the potency of weird strains plus plenty of things to choose from. I wanted to be sure that when I picked an edible, flower, concentrate or tincture that I knew exactly what I was getting. I made a decision to start with the closest dispensary to our home. I did not want to drive over an hour every time I wanted to buy cannabis. I was hoping that I’d be able to take advantage of delivery options. I was pleased to see that the dispensary within the closest proximity to my house provides a wide variety of strains at high potencies. I made a visit to the dispensary to verify that the cannabis looks great and smells minty. I know that an unpleasant odor is a sign of mold inside of the product. I was pleased to see that the cannabis strains are put in clear plastic, allowing me to see what I was buying. At that exact dispensary, the prices are a bit more than usual although I think that higher quality of strain is worth paying more. While I was there, I spoke with the budtender too. The guy was very smart and knew about the strains, the highs they would deliver and the difference between flowers, edibles, and oils. He was friendly and welcoming.


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Finally went to the dispensary

It took me quite a while to finally gather the inner power to visit a cannabis dispensary.

When recreational marijuana was first permitted in our state, I was so happy. I looked forward to having access to new strains of cannabis. I have difficulty relaxing at night, and I stress over my work responsibilities. For work, I spend approximately 7 to 10 hours a day sitting at a desk, typing on a computer plus staring at a screen. This has led to issues with painful arms, sore back and shoulders plus trouble sleeping at night. I’ve tried conventional medication plus didn’t like the way it made me feel. There’s a long list of dire side-effects that just aren’t worth it. I did quite a bit of looking around online plus liked the system of trying cannabis. It’s very natural with no addictive properties. There have been quite a few cases showing the numerous benefits of cannabis for the treatment of all kinds of physical pain. I checked plus found 5 different cannabis dispensaries within driving range from my home. They are all rated highly plus have gotten ideal customer reviews. They offer a wide range of products that are quality taken care of. Although the prices are a bit more than I want to spend, I’m willing to pay just about anything for relief. I waited a couple of weeks before finally choosing a dispensary. I thought that I’d feel awkward plus out of place there. Instead, I was immediately put at ease plus given help right there.



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Finding a product to work with my PTSD

Since I was in the army, I’ve struggled with the symptoms of PTSD.

I’ve tried prescription pills but was unhappy with how it made me feel.

It made some of my symptoms worse, plus I had concerns over the long-term side effects. I’ve tried therapy with small amounts of success. When recreational cannabis was allowed in our state, my buddy urged me to try it. He’d studied up on the topic plus told me that there’d been great results combating problems with PTSD. I was a bit skeptical but made a choice to visit 1 of the local cannabis dispensaries. I had no clue what to expect. I was severely impressed with the big, clean and very professional facility. The dispensary is new and inviting. The many products clearly advertised. As soon as I stepped inside, I was greeted by 1 of the budtenders. I was impressed with how willing he was to listen to my stories in the army and about my PTSD. He then explained some of the weird strains of cannabis around. He further went through the wide range of choices for consumptions. The dispensary offers edibles, tinctures, bongs, oils, vape cartridges, flowers plus all sorts of things. While it was a bit overwhelming, the budtender was super nice plus good to me. He gave samples plus encouraged me to go into their vape lounge. Everyone there was super friendly plus accommodating, plus I left with numerous things in my bag. I’ve found that cannabis is effective in treating my PTSD. It relaxes me, alleviating a lot of our anxiety.
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