Cannabis to Help My Insomnia

I can’t sleep at night. I have literally done everything I have learned online to help me sleep. I got myself a top of the line mattress with bamboo sheets and a gel pillow. I got myself a sound equipment that sounds like the ocean, jungle or whatever I want. I also purchased a sleep face covering, did yoga before bed, ate kiwi and eliminated green light. Nothing seemed to help me catch my z’s. I recently found that people rely on cannabis in order to sleep, however cBD in the cannabis plant is a fabulous helper with sleep. In desperation I went to our local cannabis dispensary for assistance. The budtender was severely awesome. I told him that I don’t care if I have to be high out of our mind. I didn’t care if I acquired 20 pounds with the munchies. I just want to get to sleep. The budtender was great about finding the right product for me. Turns out I don’t need THC and don’t have to be high out of our mind. I just need high CBD gratification. This is the part of the marijuana plant that helps with relaxation. The budtender recommended to just try a CBD oil at first. She told me to put a few drops in our night cup of tea. She said drink the entire cup and it should relax me enough to sleep. It has helped me quite a bit. I now get to enjoy 5 straight hours of sleeping. Then I wake up restless. I might need a more powerful product. I think I will be going back to the dispensary.


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Edibles are Preferable to Smoking

Now that recreational marijuana has been legalized in our state, our bestie is dying to inhale herself some weed.

She has popped over to the cannabis dispensary multiple times this month trying all the options.

She buys weird strains like OG Kush, Purple Haze and Blue Dream. She purchased a vape, oil pen and even a bong to smoke out of. I am just not legitimately into smoking cannabis. I do not hate weed, I just don’t like the idea of smoking. I remember being young and being told how awful smoking is for you. Second hand smoke was the biggest and scariest thing out there when I was young and still is actually. I still have this peculiar belief that if I smoke anything I will end up with lung cancer. It doesn’t seem natural or great for me to inhale any product. Thankfully with cannabis you don’t need to just smoke it. My bestie has attempted to get me edibles despite the fact that I don’t want gummies, cookies or cakes in shrinkwrap. I did luck out the last time I went with our bestie to the cannabis dispensary. I discovered that the dispensary does cooking oils and butter with CBD and some with THC in it. I purchased the cooking products and I have cooked a few meals with them. I hardly notice any taste irregularities despite the fact that I notice a difference in how I feel. It is enjoyable to eat a cookie that is something I made and delicious. I also get the same high feeling without endangering my lungs. It is a win-win solution for the 2 of us.
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Parties Have Weed Instead of Booze Nowadays

For years our buddies and I would get together to party and drink.

  • Typically the two of us would go out to a bar and spend half our paychecks on entirely small drinks that weren’t too good.

When we got older, someone would host and have to supply booze for the whole party. I hated drinking. I don’t like to enjoy drunkenness. I tend to lose all motor skills and fall down. I also get super hungover and end up hugging the toilet the next day. The whole party and the day after was destroyed for me. After recreational marijuana became legal in our state, our methodology changed. Rather than go to bars, the group of us go to cannabis cafes now. The cafes are amazing places since you get drinks, dinner and dessert with cannabis in it. The cannabis cafes usually offer vegetarian and vegan options. Everything is made from scratch, is fresh and seems to be healthy. Afterwards the two of us all party and smoke at someone’s apartment or cardboard box. Everyone has their single cannabis supplies and contributes. Some of my buddies like to vape, others rip a bong while I appreciate a pipe. It is fun being high together instead of drinking. Nobody is falling over, crying or getting into fights. The next day I feel perfectly fine, too. I don’t consume tons of calories, throw up or have a breaking headache. I wake up right on time the next day, have our Starbucks Coffee and work out. Smoking weed is just a lot more fun as a group. I would rather smoke a joint than drink a shot for sure.


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CBD and Marijuana for the New Bride

My cousin recently announced his engagement and I am invited to the girl’s bridal shower.

I have no idea what kind of girl she is or what would be a good gift.

I am kind of out of our element here. I don’t want to purchase her any dining room utensils since she has lived with our cousin for a long time. I don’t want to get her clothes for fear they might be the wrong sizes. So what do I do now? I did some poking around online and I found a cannabis dispensary that sells fun CBD products. There are shampoos, conditioners and bath bombs with CBD. There are also butters, cooking oils and sprays with cannabis oil. I even found some legitimately cool looking brownies and lollipop edibles at our local cannabis dispensary. I found gummies that have a great THC gratification that are shaped like a penis. How cute is that? I thought I could get her a bath set and the gummies. The bridal cannabis package seems like a fun gift to me, then recreational marijuana is not outlawed in our state but it does still have the stigma. I am wondering if she will like the gift. If she is a goody 2 shoes and believes that people who smoke pot are useless potheads, then she will dislike our gift. If she is open minded or even smokes weed, it would make an awesome gift. I think I am going to take the risk anyway. If she doesn’t like the penis CBD gummies, I will be taking our gifts beach house with me and using them. I like shampoo, I love to eat me some penis gummies. Who wouldn’t like it right?

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Medical Marijuana Produces no High

My bestie and I both have enjoyed inhaling recreational marijuana for quite some time, but just our luck – our state only allows for medical marijuana.

My bestie ended up going to a dentist’s office so she could get a prescription so she can have some flowers and oils with cannabis in them.

After she purchased the products she smoked right that day. The medical marijuana she got had hardly any THC within it. It was kind of a letdown for him! She didn’t get any kind of high, ecstatic or creative. She ate a few oreos and then took a nap. Other than that, she was just like always; Now she has a bunch of cannabis products that she doesn’t even care about. The high feeling is just not what she was hoping for. When the two of us were on our weekend getaway, the state had recreational marijuana. The 2 of us got to try cannabis oil pens, edibles and a good variety of strains with heavy THC. It was a legitimately great time and a great high feeling. The 2 of us were giggling, ecstatic and it was the highlight of the trip. I suppose the two of us can’t expect to have that same experience from medical marijuana here. It is a bit of a disappointment honestly. Perhaps our state will allow for recreational marijuana soon. If not, I am going to go on a trip with my bestie back to the state where recreational marijuana is not against the law. She is dying to smoke something great and is bummed about what she purchased here. I also would like to try weird edibles the next time the two of us visit the cannabis dispensary.

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Indica Was Not the Right Choice for Me

I’ll admit I am a bit of a novice when it comes to cannabis.

For years I had been hearing about how cannabis can help with all sorts of medical ailments, then people with Alzheimer’s, PTSD, epilepsy and nausea from chemotherapy rely on medical marijuana, but other people smoke or ingest weed for insomnia, chronic pain or even for anxiety.

With me, I just wanted to try cannabis for a wild time. The first thing the budtender asked me at the cannabis dispensary was if I preferred sativa or indica. I had no idea what the difference was between them, but since I liked the name indica better, I said indica. The budtender recommended Orange Kush for me to inhale. I purchased our product and went to the beach house to smoke it. So I should have looked into what an indica is. I was expecting to be all deranged in the head, have lots of energy and feel loopy. Turns out that is what a sativa is. Sativas are mind highs that provide you euphoric fun feelings and are suggested for day use. I basically got the nightquil version of cannabis rather than dayquil, and after smoking I felt sleepy. I ended up taking a nap on our couch after eating a humongous amount of potato popcorn. It wasn’t exactly the experience I was looking forward to. I want to go back to the cannabis dispensary and ask for a sativa and tell the bartender precisely what I am hoping to experience. I do not want the munchies or to have to take a nap when I smoke.


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Delivery Services Have Improved my Life

Social distancing is pure joy for me; Everyone is legitimately sad that they can’t go out to eat, go to bars or hang out with my buddies, and for an antisocial person, this is like going on getaway; I am not a fan of going out to eat and being around crowds of people.

I am able to hole up in our beach house and daily life is much easier now.

I can have groceries delivered rather than aimlessly wander around the store; Most services that take forever doing check ups and inspections, will now complete online consultations, what is legitimately cool is our cannabis dispensary is now employing cannabis delivery services. I used to need to drive to the dispensary, find what I need to get and pay at the counter. The cannabis dispensary is out of the way for me. I was forever having to make a special trip for it. I also don’t legitimately prefer having meaningless conversations with the budtender. I know what I want. I like what I like. I get the same product every single time. With online services, I buy our same stuff, put it in our cart and it magically arrives at our door. There is a bit of a fee to have someone drop it off. I could do curbside option up, but even that is too much trouble. I am willing to pay anything to have our weed and have it show up at my door. I almost guess like a king. I just go on our tablet and literally whatever I want can come to our door now. I get food from our number one steakhouse, my most-loved strain of weed and I have myself a little party.

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Cannabis delivery is not as fun as in person

The coronavirus is seriously messing up my schedule. I can’t do anything I normally like to do. I am one of those rare people that like going into the office. I like dressing up, chatting with my coworkers and making the commute. Driving in rush hour isn’t an issue since I listen to a podcast there and back. After work I hit my gym, eat at a restaurant and maybe take a trip to the mall. I am a very social and active person. With social distancing I can’t do anything. I am stuck at home. I can’t go out to eat or even to the grocery store without a mask on. What really stinks is my cannabis dispensary isn’t allowing people inside. You can order the products online and either get cannabis delivery to your door or do curbside pick up. I don’t like this at all. Going to the dispensary is a social thing for me. I enjoy talking to the budtender for a while. He usually tells me what is new and what products he in particular likes for me. The dispensary I go to has a vape lounge that I always spend some time in. I like impulse buys as well. I walk around the store and see things I wouldn’t normally get, but suddenly have to have. With ordering online, I get the same thing every time I am bored. I can’t get any recommendations and there is nothing new out just yet. At least I can still get my weed, but it is just not the same anymore. I don’t even have anyone to smoke it with due to social distancing.



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I want to try a cannabis cafe

My friend Lois is getting married this summer and the bachelorette is coming up soon. Each bridesmaid is supposed to come up with an activity to do during the weekend. I found my activity and I am nervous to pitch my idea. I found that the state we are in allows for recreational marijuana. I bet there are girls that have never smoked weed in our bridal party. I know Lois has only smoked a few times and not since college. I want to take the girls to a marijuana cafe and get high. At the cafe you can order things to smoke with a vape or a joint. You also can have fresh fruit smoothies and juices. There are meals and desserts with cannabis in them too. I looked over the menu for the cannabis cafe and it is diverse. There are flatbreads, quinoa bowls, wraps, sandwiches and all sorts of cakes that have a pretty high THC content. I think it will be a really fun time for us. Getting high seems like a wild bachelorette party thing to do. It is also something we can’t do back home. It would be a new experience for everyone. I am hoping there won’t be girls refusing to go since marijuana still has the stigma of being bad for you. If they do, I think they should just be left behind. I really want to try the cafe after looking at pictures of the inside and of the items on the menu. It looks very professional, clean and the food looks tasty!
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I will smoke anything in order to sleep

I have always had trouble with sleeping at night.

I have literally done everything I have read online to help me sleep.

I bought a top of the line mattress with bamboo sheets and a gel pillow. I got myself a sound machine that mimics the ocean, jungle or whatever I want. I also purchased a sleep mask, did yoga before bed, ate kiwi and eliminated blue light. Nothing seemed to help me rest. I recently found that people rely on cannabis in order to sleep. CBD in the cannabis plant in particular is a great helper with sleep. In desperation I went to my local cannabis dispensary for help. The budtender was extremely awesome. I told him that I don’t care if I was high out of my mind. I didn’t care if I gained 20 pounds with the munchies. I just wanted a little sleep. The budtender was great about finding the right product for me. Turns out I don’t need THC and being high out of my mind. I just need high CBD content. This is the part of the marijuana plant that relaxes you. The budtender recommended to just try a CBD oil for now. He told me to put a few drops in my evening cup of tea. He said drink the whole cup and it should relax me enough to sleep. It has helped me quite a bit. I now get around 5 straight hours of sleeping. Then I wake up restless. I might need a more potent product. I think I will be going back to the dispensary.


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