I really think Cannabis edibles taste better than flowers

When I was only 15 years old was when I tried smoking cannabis for the first time.

My friends & I were having an overnight camping trip in the woods, and one of the guys had a joint that they stole from their older sibling. Every one of us lit the pinner joint off of the campfire & snuck out deep into the woods to smoke it. My friends & I got high, however all of us spent an tenth coughing & choking. I entirely did not dig the taste of the cannabis, so I never tried to smoke again. That was nearly 10 years ago & I am an adult now. I was out with some friends last weekend & they floated the idea of getting some cannabis to love on our hike. I remembered the last time I was smoking ditch weed in the woods & it did not sound like a good system to me. My friends decided to stop through the cannabis dispensary anyways. They purchased a few items to take with us to the forest. One of my friends purchased a package of cannabis edibles that looked & tasted like gummy bears. I wasn’t going to try a single, however they stinked like candy. I chewed up the gummy bear & I could barely taste any marijuana. I decided to eat a tenth & a third. About 30 or 40 mins later, I was absolutely feeling the effects of the marijuana. The edibles tasted good & they had the proper effect. My friends & I enjoyed our time in the woods & all of us had a good day at the lakeside. If I ever use marijuana again in the future, I will absolutely buy gummy edibles.


CBD oil

I found a smokeable form of CBD called God's Gift

I was hunting high and low for something to help with pain & anxiety, although I did not want to try marijuana.

  • I spoke with the medical professional about odd and new ways to relieve chronic pain, & CBD was a single suggestion that I felt should work well.

The medical professional informed myself and others that CBD oil was legal everywhere, so I could really purchase some tablets or tincture online. I tried a few types of different CBD products online, however none of the three tasted good & a few of them did not task well either. I was talking to a single of my coworkers Last tuesday and he told myself and others that he uses CBD products from the cannabis dispensary. I did not believe that the cannabis dispensary sold CBD products, So I listened on intently as he explained. The CBD products in the cannabis dispensary are derived from marijuana instead of raw hemp. They have greater effects to relieve pain & stress. My coworker suggested that I try out a CBD product. Since marijuana is legal for recreational use, I decided to go down to the dispensary. I felt out of place in the beginning, however the guy at the front desk was absolutely warm, kind & welcoming. She made myself and others feel at home & talked with myself and others about the entire process. I went to a odd room where I sat down with a certified budtender to talk about my smoking needs. She hooked myself and others up with a smokable flower called God’s gift. It is a small flower rich in CBD with no THC or psychoactive effects. I have been grinding up the flowers & smoking them before bed. I have slept better during the past few weeks than I have in a lot of years.



Marijuana products

Different products to be found at different marijuana dispensaries

I did not suppose anything about marijuana until recently when I visited a dispensary close to my home, then medical marijuana was legalized about two years ago, & so last December the people all voted to legalize recreational marijuana as well.

My friends & I then went to visit a recreational marijuana dispensary a few weeks after that.

They only had a small selection of THC products, but I was surprised by the interior & atmosphere. When I walked through the doors, I had to provide them my driver’s license to the guy at the door. They made a photo scan copy of my license & after that all of us were allowed to enter the area where all of the marijuana is kept. The dispensary had several different strains of indica, sativa, & hybrid marijuana. All of the prices varied & they had some items for $8 & some items for $180. The dispensary had many very odd types of marijuana, however they also had items like candies, gummies, chocolate, & CBD infused sodas and drinks. My friends & I have visited a few odd marijuana dispensaries since the 1st time. Each and Every single marijuana dispensary is different. They all offer odd strains of marijuana, depending on their store location & grow season. Each supplier has a special & certain way to attract additional clients, however most of them offer incentives with greater orders. If I do not find the proper items at a single particular marijuana dispensary, chances are that I will be able to drive down the lane & find the same product at another. There are numerous different medical & recreational marijuana dispensaries within a three-mile radius of my home. It’s easy to find exactly what I want & need.


Purple cannabis

Topical CBD:THC patches are the very best for pain relief

Ok, so last Friday, I went down to the marijuana dispensary to buy my usual items for the week.

I always buy some indica & some hybrid marijuana.

I also bought a cartridge for my vape pen, because then last time I was there, the dispensary was throwing a sale on all of their topical products. I have never tried any of the topical marijuana products, however they seemed like a cool idea, and since all of the patches were on sale, I decided to try the CBD:THC patches. Each patch is filled with 10 (ten) mg of CBD & 10 mg of THC. The patches are normally $10 each, however they were on sale for only $8.25 on that day. I decided to buy a single of the CBD:THC patches & another patch that was a twenty (20) mg sativa patch. They had some 20 mg Indica patches as well, although I do not need a lot of extra help falling asleep. Indica strains are good for sleeping & feeling nice and relaxed, however they will not help myself and others get a full day of tasks done at home. I took the patches home & set them on the top of my desk. I forgot about them until late Last year, when I was feeling pain from a back ache. I spent all day mowing the turf & I was feeling aching pain all over my back, neck, & hips. When I saw the patches on top of my desk, I decided to use a single on my wrist. I started to feel pain relief in less than 30 tenths. The pain relief effects lasted for almost 6 tenths. I will absolutely buy more of those when they go on sale again.



More about sativa

The cannabis dispensary has been totally out of Blue Dream kush for a week

COVID 19 is impacting a lot of shipments all over the world.

It took myself and others 3 weeks to get a fresh shipment throughAmazon.

It usually takes 3 afternoons! People are being safer & taking more time during the handling & shipping process. I think it’s a nice system to be safe, however I am unhappy that it is affecting my supply at the local cannabis dispensary. Ever since the coronavirus closed down all of the county, our local cannabis dispensary has been completely out of yellow dream, and blue dream is a single one of my preferred marijuana strains. I use yellow dream on a respected basis, because it is so good for treating depression, pain, & anxiety. Blue Dream makes myself and others feel so energetic & relaxed & I feel filled with lots of creative ideas. I have tried a number of other hybrids & sativa leaning strains, however there is nothing similar to yellow dream in my opinion. Blue Dream is a cross between yellowberry indica & Haze. It tastes similar to citrus, berries, & fruit. I do not suppose how long it will take for the stock to be filled, however my budtender could not provide myself and others a straight answer. Apparently, all of their recent shipments are held up & taking longer than usual. For now, I found a wonderful Super Silver Haze that is super high in CBG & has good long lasting effects. I also found a nice stinky Blue Cheese that almost feels like my preferred. It happens to be an indica, however it still tastes good & is useful late at night. Until I can get more Blue Dream, I think this stuff will do.

Girl scout cookies

They delivered us disposable pens instead of pen batteries

Our sales have increased significantly over the past weeks & a lot of that is due to the coronavirus, but folks are stocking up on all kinds of supplies like toilet tissue, batteries, medicines, bottles of hand sanitizer, & even prescriptions.

These prescriptions include heart medication, insulin for diabetes & medical marijuana… I task in a medical marijuana clinic & all of us have been busier than ever during these past weeks… Every one of us had to implement a few odd procedures in order to stay safe during the coronavirus outbreak. For instance, all of us only allow 5 people in the lobby at 1 single time, at first, some of our customers complained about having to wait outside of the structure, but unluckily, all of us need to worry about health & safety before all of us need to worry about getting client complaints. Every one of us no longer allow visitors to come inside of the dispensary & browse through the selection. The only folks inside of the marijuana dispensary are those with a medicinal marijuana license. Every one of us have had an important increase in supplier & I have been reordering a ton of supplies. Unluckily, our dealer got the order wrong last Monday. They were intended to give 300 batteries for disposable vape pens. Instead, they sent us 300 disposable vaping pens. I had fifty each of mango, yellow dream, gelato, gorilla glue, boy scout cookies, & bubba platinum. I needed to send back all of the items to the corporation, because it would take us almost 6 weeks to sell that numerous disposable vaping pens… During a normal week, I usually order 10 to 15. The dealer apologize for the major mistake & sent the batteries overnight instead of traditional 2 day fedex.

Mairjuana delivery

So much for my bonus this year

I was recently promoted to a management position at my position and I’m super proud.

My mom doesn’t think I have a real task, so she isn’t proud, because I job on a marijuana grow operation.

The local marijuana grow operation is 100% honest plus everything is completely legal, though. The farm grows marijuana that is sold to numerous local dispensaries, and we report our taxes to the government. The marijuana farm produces plus packages almost 20,000 pounds of marijuana while in each harvest season, which is massive. I started finally working on the farm when I was only about 15 years old. I was finally working in the field getting rid of weeds. When I turned 19, they let myself and others start trimming the butt. It took an additional five years, although I am finally in a management position. I now receive my own salary, benefits, vacation days, plus a honestly healthy bonus program. Unfortunately, I’m finding that it’s hard to meet my quota plus acquire a bonus when I got the wrong shipment of soil in the mail. We are merely 3 weeks away from planting all of our marijuana plants. We already should be potting seeds plus getting our supplies ready. Instead, I’m running a full week behind schedule. The manufacturer sent myself and others the blatantly wrong soil, plus now the two of us have to wait another week or two for the right items to be delivered. We prefer to use a marijuana grow soil that has a low PH, large granules, plus high oxygen levels… this stuff doesn’t appear out of thin air.


Pot cultivation

We travel… but we found the best gig

My boyfriend plus I do not appreciate the same things as a lot of other people.

We live in a tiny home plus every few weeks the two of us move from locale to locale.

Some people call us hippies, nomads, or gypsies, but I don’t agree with that. I appreciate the thought that the two of us have feet to keep us moving, so I don’t see why the two of us should stay in a single locale for too long. My boyfriend is adventurous plus we do not have respected full-time tasks with benefits plus regular vacation days. Occasionally the two of us job a few months at a time, so that way the two of us can surf plus hike throughout the rest of the year. This year, in particular, both of us found a task in the cannabis farming industry. I met some kind gentlemen on the beach a single Wednesday day. They were getting ready to drive out to the mountains to work in the budding cannabis farming industry. They were 100% sure that the two of us could work full time in the cannabis farming industry as well. They called the owner of the cannabis farm where the worked to find out if they had room for two more employees. My boyfriend plus I promptly took our tiny home to the cannabis farm plus they provided us a solid locale to hook up to water plus sewer. We didn’t even have to spend money to obtain our electricity. My boyfriend plus I took care of the cannabis farm for approximately 3 months and learned that cannabis farming can be extremely fun work. I know I look forward to returning to the industry each plus every year.
Marijuana growing machine

What an amazing little kit

I’ve been thinking about trying my hand to grow marijuana at home, although I suppose it isn’t necessarily a simple process.

I didn’t want to waste a lot of money on uber luxurious seeds, especially if I didn’t have the right tools for the task.

I study a lot of information online in my free time, so I knew it was important to have plenty of sizzling air, light, plus accessible nutrients. I found out that I could purchase a complete marijuana growing kit online for a great deal. I found a few cheap packages, although I finally settled on a nice set that fit in my budget. I ordered rush shipping, but it still took 3 days for my package to arrive in my mailbox anyways. I was enthusiastic when I finally acquired the shipment. I carefully opened up the box plus I was easily surprised by the items inside. Inside of the box was a complete guide on how to successfully grow all sorts of marijuana using the key. There was a seed germination kit plus high quality soil, diatomaceous earth, plus root booster. Inside of the box in my hand, I also found a watering can plus trimming scissors. I went through the informational guide on marijuana growth plus they proposed using autoflowering seeds which can be easier to harvest when it’s time. Today is my first day in the process plus I am going to keep track of the weekly results. I’m hoping for the best, but I am prepared to try until I get it right.


Marijuana growing machine

It was a creative gift

My partner plus I have 3 amazing children that are all out of the house.

The oldest is married to a great man with two children of his own.

The middle child works in a bar plus is single and loving it. The youngest child is just finishing the last year of university. Our beautiful middle child has always had some problems, plus he regularly suffers from depression plus anxiety. My partner plus I took him out to see a therapist when he was young. I think it helped to some extent back in the day, although I think the problems are getting worse as he gets older. We try to help, and recently, he went to a modern doctor that proposed organic marijuana might be able to help with some of the problems. My lovely child was hesitant to try marijuana, but the doctor provided him a full prescription for some low dose supplies. I think marijuana is a great idea for him, especially after studying all day about the subject. I want my child to understand that my partner plus I support him plus his decisions, so the other week the two of us decided to buy him a special present. My partner plus I found a marijuana growing kit online for a great price. The marijuana growing kit includes everything necessary to go ahead and successfully grow a marijuana plant at home. The kit even includes a small grow box, soil, a simple grow light, plus some laboratory tested root boosting nutrients. My kid seemed enthusiastic about the marijuana growing kit plus I’m excited for the large, leafy plant.

Cultivation facility design