What I learned in my last dispensary training course.

Marijuana was recently legalized in my state, and I am very happy about this. I have always wanted to have my own business and now it is possible that I could be the owner of a cannabis dispensary. I have had people try to talk me out of opening a cannabis dispensary, but I think it was a fun and rewarding experience. I recently got my license and I was able to get a good location for my cannabis dispensary. I need to find a few good employees and make a decision about my inventory. I want to specialize in cannabis oils. I like pot brownies and other marijuana products, but I really prefer concentrates to anything else. If I were to have cannabis dispensary that had specific products, I think that I would get more customers. I was able to take an online training course pertaining to cannabis dispensary because I wanted to be expert on the subject. I really think that it helped me and it will help my business. I got a lot of good information from the videos. I learned the importance of offering delivery service to my customers. By offering delivery services, I may be able to reach even more people that may otherwise be able to get into my cannabis dispensary. I learned a lot about different types of marijuana and one of the biggest sellers is OG Kush. I am glad that I had chosen to put this strain into my dispensary. I also learned the importance of training all of your workers. I was thinking that just about anyone could be trained to be a budtender, but I was wrong.

Marijuana delivery