CBD is the buddy of mine

As a long haul trucker, it is fairly usual for myself and others to drive across big parts of the country, and going coast to coast doesn’t happen honestly often, but even my shortest route ends up being roughly three or 4 states long… I enjoy driving, so the task isn’t bad at all, but still it does get pretty dull at times.

  • I listen to a lot of podcasts, & have recently gotten into listening to audio books on my PC, and keeping my head clear & my senses sharp is honestly substantial to myself and others & my livelihood, so I like to take CBD oil infused edibles on my trips to keep my stress levels low, then for a while I was using a vape pen for my CBD, but that genuinely didn’t labor for me.

I don’t like those large plumes of vapor, they fog out my truck, so I switched to edibles… The only problem with CBD edibles is that they had all the fat & sugar of correct sweets, so I was putting too much junk in the trunk if you guess what I mean. I switched finally to CBD chewables, which had honestly little flavor & no extra calories or sugar, but most substantially they still get the task done, however when the CBD gets its task done, then I can get my task done at the best of my ability. I guess some truckers use stimulants, however I myself don’t even like to drink coffee, the effects of CBD chewables are more beneficial than any other “trucker’s aide” I have tried.

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