Indica Was Not the Right Choice for Me

I’ll admit I am a bit of a novice when it comes to cannabis.

For years I had been hearing about how cannabis can help with all sorts of medical ailments, then people with Alzheimer’s, PTSD, epilepsy and nausea from chemotherapy rely on medical marijuana, but other people smoke or ingest weed for insomnia, chronic pain or even for anxiety.

With me, I just wanted to try cannabis for a wild time. The first thing the budtender asked me at the cannabis dispensary was if I preferred sativa or indica. I had no idea what the difference was between them, but since I liked the name indica better, I said indica. The budtender recommended Orange Kush for me to inhale. I purchased our product and went to the beach house to smoke it. So I should have looked into what an indica is. I was expecting to be all deranged in the head, have lots of energy and feel loopy. Turns out that is what a sativa is. Sativas are mind highs that provide you euphoric fun feelings and are suggested for day use. I basically got the nightquil version of cannabis rather than dayquil, and after smoking I felt sleepy. I ended up taking a nap on our couch after eating a humongous amount of potato popcorn. It wasn’t exactly the experience I was looking forward to. I want to go back to the cannabis dispensary and ask for a sativa and tell the bartender precisely what I am hoping to experience. I do not want the munchies or to have to take a nap when I smoke.


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