It helps with my anxiety

My life has always been all about getting the next thing. This is just the way I was raised from the time I can think back. Both of my parents were high energy, results kind of people. I was an only child plus they had big expectations. This was the basis of what became a life spent achieving instead of just relaxing. And it went on like this for decades until I found myself at a marijuana dispensary. Being at the marijuana dispensary was not simply a sparse act but it was a part of some serendipity. A superb friend I hadn’t seen in a particularly long time came to visit. She had been a high achiever just as I was. But she found that life lacked meaning. That’s when she found that balance with a holistic approach to life. That approach also incorporated the use of legal weed. I was okay with cbd products because my partner plus I used the cbd products to help us go to bed at night. However, I had never used recreational marijuana of any kind. During her visit, my neighbor advised that we stop at the marijuana dispensary. While there, all of us talked to a staff member who put together some samples for me. While I was a bit unsure to try the legal weed, the fact that my superb neighbor would be with me eased my anxiousness. It was a fact that I had been really missing out on life plus that achievement was all I really knew. The first time I used legal cannabis, I found a part of life that had been hidden from me up until then.

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