The best part about cannabis being recreational

When I was younger I never imagined there would be signs that say marijuana for sale on the side of the road. And I certainly never thought that I would legally be tipping a guy for marijuana delivery! The best part about the whole thing is that I can actually tell what I am getting. In the past when I got cannabis I was never too sure which strain it was. Now when I go into the marijuana dispensary I can select exactly what I want. I feel bad for my brother that lives in the next state over because marijuana is not yet legal. I’ll always send him pictures of the pot brownies I buy from the store and he sends back pictures of his CBD. Since CBD is legal in all states he has gotten really into it. He is always telling me how much pain he is in and now he never talks about it. The CBD oil that he has is really helping him with his back pain, I am thinking about trying it. I recommended that he try and talk to a doctor about possibly getting a medical cannabis card, but he says he’s not really all that interested. For me cannabis really relieves my anxiety and insomnia and I am not sure what I would do without it. I have tried a few CBD products, but they don’t provide me as much relieve.

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