First family of cannabis farmers

When my family first moved out west, everything was particularly strange.

  • We never lived on that side of the country before, along with the fact that just the scenery in particular was quite different.

Shortly after moving, medical cannabis was legalized. A few years after that, recreational Cannabis was legalized as well. Now it seems we have a cannabis dispensary everywhere around town. It’s easy to get your hands on marijuana, and a lot of people are trying to grow their own. It honestly seems like an easy thing to do, but I can honestly tell you that every one of us have tried along with found out that it is not. A lot of information is important, such as knowing about the soil content or fertilization. I didn’t know anything like this in the beginning, when the people I was with plus myself decided to buy seeds and get started. Every one of us lost a dozen plants in the beginning, before we even realize that we didn’t have the proper soil nutrients. Every one of my friends alone with myself tried for six or eight months, before we finally had a plant make it past 2 weeks. I enjoyed particularly working on this medical cannabis farm, and when my own kids can work on the cannabis farm, will teach them all about this special craft. There are appealing benefits to being one of the first family of medical cannabis Farmers. There are so many benefits, plus with time along with education, everyone in the world will learn the truth.


Growing marijuana