Small marijuana grow box for apartment

I was pretty excited when my kid finally found some interesting things.

We were looking at planes along with training for a long time, but every one of us honestly didn’t know that our kid would find interesting things about Horticulture along with botany.

Since our son was aged for understanding different types of plants, we decided to Peak his interest with a marijuana seed. My partner along with my self are for cultivating and also growing marijuana, especially since its 100% legal in our district. Last year for the Christmas period, my partner along with myself found a packet of marijuana seeds and a nice shadow grow box. The shadow grow box is about 2 feet in length along with 18 in in-depth. The entire bottom vase has some holes to drain water, and then the soil is never separate from water. The apartment grow box was filled with a nice see-through lead and 7 color artificial light. The seven color artificial light has strange colors, but the design is specially made for growing marijuana. I believe my son was honestly stoked about the gift, and he instantly planted half of those marijuana seeds. Unfortunately, the first batch was not to well. I believe too much water was the problem, but my kid is going to find an interesting future in plants, if he continues to grow marijuana likes this new batch. Those plants are almost 40 in and height, plus there are full buds on three of the four plants. This Harvest will be very amazing.


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