my family did grow up as farmers

Back in the good old days, it constantly seemed bad when I heard about pot farmers.

It always seemed that people who grew pot had the worst reputation as if they were Colombian drug lords or something similar to that.

I know it’s because marijuana developed a bad name just as cocaine and other dangerous drugs such as that. It’s absurd to guess that the federal government still has marijuana classified as a schedule 1 drug this current day, meaning it’s completely dangerous without any medicinal benefits – just like heroin. Seriously now, these people are complete psychopaths if they ever unquestionably suppose that marijuana is a truly dangerous drug. I’ll tell you what’s dangerous, smoking regular old cigarettes or drinking any kind of alcohol. These things kill people by the thousands every single day yet marijuana has killed nobody; You will see propaganda here and there from the media that still targets THC and marijuana, but everyone generally have already acquired the health benefits of THC and CBD and guess that they have been lied to about marijuana being dangerous for many years. If these DEA officers weren’t able to arrest people for possessing marijuana, a lot of them wouldn’t have jobs anymore. That truly is something to guess about and it unquestionably makes a great deal of sense why they decided to supply marijauna such a bad name. These afternoons I easily run a small pot farm in a legal state and I make nice money growing pot. It certainly might have seemed to be such a terrible thing back in the old days when nobody unquestionably knew better, but these afternoons, people love all the pot products that are legally on the market.


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