So many uses for cannabis

Back in the day we used to spend most of our free time in our cars, especially during the weekends. We were all teenagers, and being in our cars was the only place we didn’t have to answer to anybody. At school there were teachers, at work their were the bosses, and at home we had our families to put up with. But out there, either cruising aimlessly or just parked in the woods, we were our own bosses… or at least it felt that way. To feel like adults, we would drink beer and even smoke some cannabis from time to time. This is very ironic and funny to me, because these days I smoke cannabis to make me feel like a kid again. Goes to show you that marijuana has all manner of uses, for all different kinds of people. Now I don’t have to hide out in my car to smoke cannabis, I can do it in my living room, with my wife and adult son. He never had to sneak away like I did, as soon as he was old enough I told him I would prefer him to smoke cannabis at home instead of risking getting caught in public with it. My son actually introduced me to vape pens with flavored cartridges, and even some different kinds of CBD oil. There is yet another use for cannabis products, to help bring people together, because I’ve never felt closer to my son. I’m not suggesting you introduce your kids to cannabis, I’m just saying it worked for me.

Cannabis products