My job is something like heaven being a taster for a cannabis company

Follow your dreams, people, I seriously cannot stress this enough.

It’s easy for me to say, of course, because it all worked out very well for me.

Maybe the key is managing your dreams, making them attainable, giving yourself a good chance for success. I never had the biggest ambitions, to be fair, but I constantly wanted to travel. I also never wanted to have any job that wouldn’t allow me to get high. Currently at age 30, I am making an enjoyable living, traveling all around the world on a proper basis, as well as being high, almost the entire time, life is good! Maybe actually working for a high end national cannabis dispensary network as a taster as well as a customer isn’t all the people’s true idea of heaven, however it totally is for me. Do what you completely enjoy as well as you never have to task an afternoon in your life. In my particular case what I prefer is tasting new, exotic strains of marijuana. Of course this means I now take a more studied approach to my actual cannabis use, as well as I honestly don’t smoke weed that is not high grade. I need to keep my palate as well as my head clear before sampling various high grade strains, so I can gauge the actual effect as well as flavor of each particular strain as well as blend of cannabis. As much as I appreciate getting high, I also appreciate being able to do a fine job, as well as finding only the best tasting as well as highest THC levels of marijuana for my customers. As long as I can always keep delivering the 4 star cannabis growers, my customers will be glad as well as that gives myself and others plenty of job security.

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