I hope more people open their eyes to the potential of cannabis medicine

I have a good friend who grows cannabis for a living.

He is a licensed cannabis grower and he owns a couple of large scale grow rooms.

He tells me all the time that the world should be focusing on growing cannabis. He says cannabis can be used for so many things including fuel, making clothing, paper products, plastic products, food, and powerful medicine. He actually never gets sick, he says, because he takes cannabis oil on a regular basis to keep his immune system strong. I actually never realized that by taking cannabis medicine, you are able to keep your body incredibly healthy. He explained that it is because we all have endocannabinoid systems that interact with this medicine. Basically according to him, it was our destiny to use cannabis as medicine and other things. He even says that cannabis can likely fight the coronavirus. I honestly am a bit skeptical of that because I haven’t seen any reports talking about that, but he has told me how cannabis has been used to combat superbugs and has powerful anti-viral properties. When he puts it that way, I can kind of see how cannabis really might be the answer for this scary virus that is going around, but I still remain skeptical. I have always enjoyed cannabis, but I never got into growing cannabis and I certainly have never researched much about it other than what strains I want to get. But thinking about these things, it really does seem like cannabis could help save people from dying. If that is the case, I hope more people open their eyes to the potential of cannabis medicine.

Cannabis growing