I found out online that the local cannabis dispensary has new cannabis strains for sale

There aren’t a whole lot of new strains of cannabis coming out very often these days.

Sometimes you will hear people say that so many different kinds of cannabis and marijuana on the market have almost flooded the market.

But I look at the different cannabis dispensary websites for stores that are in my area once in a while, just to see what’s going on in the marijuana business. It’s interesting to see all of the different new cannabis strains that come out on the market every now and then. I know that most people probably don’t make it a habit of checking out their local cannabis dispensary websites, but I always like going online and clicking on the what’s new tab to see what might have just come out on the marijuana. I especially like to see the name of the different cannabis strains and marijuana products that they come up with. I love names like Blue Dream, Purple Haze, and Orange kush. I think that it would be a fun job to work in the marijuana marketing industry. Coming up with names like that would be very entertaining. Of course, I’m not in the marketing industry, marijuana or otherwise. But I still think it would be fun to come up with ideas like that. I guess I’ll just keep lurking around online and checking out all of the things that are new at my local cannabis dispensaries. Once in a while, I actually get in my car and go to the marijuana business, which is fun too. But I’m way more tempted to buy marijuana products when they are right in front of me, so I tend to look online instead.


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