A little cannabis made it that much better

My girlfriend and I have couple friends.

I do have friends, but my girlfriend plus I have a special group of friends who are all couples, and we only ever hang out as couples.

We do group activities and large parties on a fairly proper basis. I have to confess it is a decent amount of fun. It’s all a bit too planned out for my liking, if I’m being truthful though, I want my fun to be a little more lackadaisical. Last weekend my girlfriend and I were all supposed to paddle board, however I advocated getting high and playing games at someone’s house. What I didn’t tell them is that my vape pen was loaded with cannabis flowers, so I was already pleasantly high, which always made these events better for me. It took a little talking to get everyone on board, however finally everyone decided to try it and have something with THC in it. There were marijuana gummies, OG Kush to smoke and oils to vape. After that all of us played some board games, but once the cannabis edibles kicked in I entirely lost track of who was playing and what was being done! It was honestly the best time we’ve ever had on a couples night, and I hope that means cannabis will be a part of the festivities going onward. I have privately decided, however, that even if the group doesn’t want to keep doing them, I myself will be bringing cannabis on every future couples night.



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