His state is so lax about weed

I live in a state where Cannabis is legal but there are lots of guidelines on how and where you can have marijuana.

That’s why I was baffled when I went to visit my brother in a different state.

I mean, I shouldn’t have been shocked. His state is really loose on laws. You can literally walk down the beach and smell marijuana being vaped, smoked or eaten. Pretty much everywhere my brother and I went, I could smell somebody smoking legal weed. That is something that takes some getting used to. In fact, it takes me back to those days in high school when I was under the bleachers. You would just walk through the school and catch a whiff of marijuana here and there. Of course, back in those days, it wasn’t legal. Now that it is, I suppose it’s kind of neat how open pretty much everyone is about. Especially here in my brother’s state. There’s a legal marijuana dispensary on just about every street. Out of curiosity, I decided to go into a dispensary when I was out for a walk by myself. I was truly tempted to buy some of the legal weed and take it back to my house with me. I haven’t smoked the stuff since my early school afternoons. I’m not sure what my brother would think of me ripping a bong on our trip together. So instead I bought myself some topicals. I got shampoo, lotion and bath bombs with CBD in them. I also got new edibles for the two of us and some for just me to try later on.


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