Smoking the oil is almost as good

I live in a truly packed apartment house, one that was supposed to be a temporary living situation for me.

I moved in four years ago, just to get my head on straight in a new city plus find a nice house to rent.

It is like I said, that was four years ago and here I am, still on the 10th floor, with a little walk out overlooking the lawn. There is truly little that I like about this place, other than two things. It is within walking distance of my office, so I don’t need a car. I also like that ’m already here. I have been a proper cannabis smoker for years, but living in a place this crowded and packed is not a nice place to light up! CBD oil never did anything for me, if I’m being real. I was excited when I finally discovered cannabis oil, which I could buy in cool flavors and nice scents. It’s bizarre having a vape pen with cannabis oil that is cannabis flavored, it’s like chewing grape candy as opposed to eating an actual grape. Nonetheless, while I enjoy smoking cannabis to vaping the oil, this machine leaves no lingering marijuana smells in the air. Every time my neighbors cook fish or make eggs, I can smell it in my apartment, which means that they can smell cannabis if I smoke it in here. Until I get a home of my own, I am sticking with the oil.

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