The podcast has become a hit

Most people are sick to death of hearing about podcasts.

I know, I am too, everywhere I go someone wants to talk about it.

They say how they made it at home, or in their garage, or upstairs study room. Give us podcasters a chance, though. During a lockdown what are all of us supposed to do with our time? Personally, the COVID thing has been unbelievable for my creativity, and I’ve finally gotten the online app to work, so I can have guests sit in on my podcast. I like the back plus forth banter. It helps the show, especially since I am smoking cannabis at the time. The same kind of cannabis, from the same dispensary, but my guests are in their homes smoking with plenty of social distance. I have four people who have become regulars on my show, all of whom I consider to be experts in marijuana field for one reason or another. Mike has been growing his own cannabis in a grow box since he was a freshman in high school, so he can talk pot farming. Gabe has spent the last three years making a living selling legal weed. Nick has spent the last few weeks running a cannabis dispensary, unlike Gabe he does medical grade weed. Finally there is Chris, who focuses more on cannabis oil, CBD, plus other infused products. Since we live close, we use the same cannabis dispensary delivery service so we can talk about what product we are all enjoying at the same time.
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