We hooked each other up

My dad’s friend Donny was always a long time smoker.

He was a chain smoker, and he was raised in a time where you could smoke everywhere.

You could smoke at a bar, you could smoke in college, you could smoke around youngsters because medical professionals hadn’t said that was killer yet. Donny never got lung cancer, happily, plus eventually had a doctor convince him to quit. It turns out that Donny never quite quit, he just switched what he smoked in a pretty major way. I am in college now, but when I first remember meeting Donny he had already quit cigarettes. He would sit by the shed and smoke marijuana every evening, and most days. This was before the talks of legalized medical marijuana, mind you, so he just relied on local kids for his supply. When I became a teen, he started asking me to get his cannabis for him. I agreed to hook him up, but only on the condition that he eventually try to get a prescription for medical marijuana. Around this time I knew it was being talked about however I wasn’t sure about the legal status of cannabis. Long story short, I hooked up my dad’s friend for about 5 years, until the state finally legalized medical marijuana. He got a prescription card for the local cannabis dispensaries, and from then on out he was the one hooking me up with legal weed. I had no clue how nice medical grade cannabis was!


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