I want to get my cannabis delivered

Until last week, the price to have marijuana delivered to our home was $19.95, and even if I order $200 worth of marijuana products, I still have to spend our money to a total of a delivery fee of $19.95, but this is greatly due to the fact that I live on the outskirts of town! It’s almost 5 miles from our home to the dispensary and occasionally that can translate to 15 or 20 minutes! Coronavirus rules and regulations have changed a lot of thingsā€¦ Marijuana dispensaries in the closest town offer free delivery now and they will continue to offer free delivery for the next 3 weeks.

They have no order minimum and will deliver anything the store has in stock for no fees! Before coronavirus, the marijuana dispensary would not deliver marijuana flower of any kind.

They would only deliver vaping supplies, shatter, distillate, crumble, CBD products or tinctures; however, now they are trying to limit the number of people inside the building, so the rules have been changed to accommodate. I am absolutely cheerful that the marijuana dispensary is going to offer free delivery, because I don’t like driving to the village just to go to the dispensary. I use a grocery store that is close to our home and the pharmacy is just a few blocks away. Even the local gas station has a sub shop and deli. I don’t like driving to the town unless it is absolutely necessary. The only reason I usually make the journey is to buy more marijuana. I will be undoubtedly cheerful to use the marijuana delivery team with no charge over the next few weeks.