Medical marijuana has changed my life

My partner insisted that I go to the doctor plus get a prescription for medical marijuana, because I was already using medical marijuana but I was purchasing our medicine from a sketchy street dealer.

But as soon as medical marijuana was legalized in this state, my loving partner insisted that I make an appointment.

But thankfully, the doctor was truly kind plus informed. The two of us talked about the many benefits plus dangers of using medical marijuana plus the unusual routes of absorption. The doctor wrote myself and others a prescription for medical marijuana. The prescription includes oral marijuana, tinctures, inhalation, plus smokable flower buds. The first time I went to the medical marijuana dispensary I talked to an experienced budtender about this prescription plus our choices. At that time, I thought this prescription would refill every 78 mornings. I bought the whole prescription of 2.5 ounces of smokable flower. I also purchased a few unusual marijunana products that amount to edible candy, gummy bears, plus chocolate bars! When I ran out of edibles, I went back to the dispensary to buy something new plus also exciting. I found out some interesting news while I was talking to the budtender; My smokable flower prescription will refill every 35 mornings. The rest of the prescription renews every 78 mornings. I was upset about running out of medical marijuana plus now I think that will not ever happen. With the addition of inhalants, tinctures, plus edibles, I will be able to stay well medicated in a legal plus responsible way now. I recognize that I am much better using cannabis to treat my chronic anxiety plus back pain. Medical marijuana has changed our entire lives.

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