Literally shopping for cannabis products

Having been a cannabis enjoyer for the better part of my adult life, it’s hard to describe now having access to cannabis. No longer is there the fear, trepidation or criminal consequences of using recreational marijunana. It’s a turn of events that I have long supported and still support. But the idea that I can actually walk into a cannabis dispensary and simply shop for marijuana on sale is so much fun. There are so many serious issues when it comes to the reasons we should all have access to cannabis and cannabis products. Just the medicinal argument alone is powerful. And frankly, without the medical marijuana movement, there would probably not have been changes to the law for recreational marijuana. That is a fact and one that we should all acknowledge and be grateful for. There are so many people that get so much benefit from marijuana. From cancer patients and those with MS to people dealing with chronic pain and anxiety, medical marijuana proved invaluable. But for me, it’s always been a perspective thing when it comes to using cannabis products. A small amount of sativa allows me to view life from a broader perspective thus limiting my stress and imbalance. But, I would not be forthcoming if I didn’t comment on just how much fun shopping for marijuana on sale actually is. I mean when I went into my first cannabis dispensary, I was overwhelmed by all the options I had to choose from. There was every hybrid strain I could imagine as well as edibles, CBD and cannabis oil pens. It’s simply a small thrill for me to shop at the cannabis dispensary.
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