Medical marijuana is helping me with fight of my life

When you’re young, in good shape and fit, the last thing you expect to hear from your doctor is that you have cancer.

When I heard the words testicular cancer, everything after that was sort of a blur.

It was as though I was like underwater or something. The sounds were getting through but were pretty garbled. So glad I wasn’t alone or I might not have understood that I had a really good chance of completely beating this type of cancer. And thanks to medical marijuana, I am fighting with all I have. Once I had the diagnosis, everything went pretty fast. There was a surgery to remove the mass and check how far the cancer had spread. Then it was into chemo. This is where the medical cannabis first started coming through for me. The chemo hit me hard and I was nauseous nearly constantly. I had zero appetite. But after my wife went to the legal weed store for some specific medical marijuana products, it got immediately better. At first, I used the cannabis flower products but I was having a hard time not coughing it all out. So we switched to cannabis gummies. That was the answer. It really basically got me through chemo. Now that I am dealing with the radiation process, the medical marijuana is helping me manage the pain and help me keep a positive outlook. And being positive is one of the best things a person in my situation can do. It won’t be much longer I hope before I am in remission. Thanks to medical marijuana I have a great degree of confidence that will happen.


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