My chronic pain is under control with medical cannabis

It sort of came out of nowhere to be honest.

One afternoon my body felt entirely normal.

Then the next day I felt as though I had really overdone it plus was super tender all over. It was sort of like being really sore from an over excursion but more painful. Of course, I grabbed some pain relievers plus went on about my day. Approximately a month later, I could hardly get out of bed due to chronic pain. Thanks to medical cannabis, I am finding a way to get my life back a little bit at a time. It hasn’t been entirely straight-forward. The doctors initially started treating me with muscle relaxers plus painkillers. This was a terrible combination. I was basically knocked out nearly all the time. While that may be better than being in tremendous pain, it’s no way to live your life. One doctor requested to try using medical marijuana. I went about all the medical marijuana regulations plus was able to gain access to the cannabis dispensary. My first trip there, I was in so much pain that I could hardly stand myself up. The staff were so compassionate plus caring. They got me a selection of numerous cannabis products to try. When I tried medical cannabis for the first time, I was totally amazed by the results. I was less stiff plus it hurt less to try plus stretch my muscles. Eventually, I came to learn that the cannabis flower products plus the cannabis gummies were my go to medical cannabis products. I’ve been using cannabis products for a couple of months now plus the difference is really encouraging. I’m able to legitimately look after myself plus with some more time, I may even be able to get back to my working life.


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