Pressing fight with medical cannabis

When you’re young, in superb shape & fit, the last thing you expect to hear from your doctor is that you have cancer.

When I heard the words testicular cancer, everything after that was pretty much a blur.

It was as though I was underwater or something. The sounds were getting through however they were pretty garbled. I’m lucky I wasn’t alone or I might not have understood that I had an actually enjoyable opportunity of completely beating this type of cancer. And thanks to medical marijuana, I am fighting with everything I have. Once I had the diagnosis, everything went relatively fast. There was a surgery to detach the mass & check how far the cancer had spread. Then it was into chemo. This is where medical cannabis first started coming through for me. The chemo hit me especially hard & I was nauseous nearly typically. I had zero appetite. But after my partner went to the legal weed store for some unique medical marijuana products, it got better after that. At first, I used the cannabis flower products although I was having a challenging time not coughing it all out. So we switched to cannabis gummies. That was the proper answer. It basically got me through the chemo. Now that I am dealing with the whole radiation process, medical marijuana is helping me deal with the pain & helps me keep a positive outlook. And being positive is a single one of the most pressing things a man in my situation can do. It won’t be much longer I hope before I am entirely in remission. Thanks to medical marijuana I have an enjoyable degree of confidence that will soon happen.

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