Grief and depression was destroying my life.

I have always suffered from periods of depression.

  • It wasn’t something that bothered me all the time but when it hit, I was a mess.

When my husband passed away suddenly, my depression hit so badly that I was nearly despondent. Compounded with grief, my depression put me into a deep quagmire. If I hadn’t been told about legal medical marijuana, I’m not sure I could have pulled myself through the grief and depression. I thought the therapist was joking when she told me to try medical marijuana as a way to deal with my life. I had always been someone who was against the use of marijuana. Now, I was working toward getting a medical marijuana card so I could get legal medical marijuana. My therapist helped to put the plan into action, and I am now glad she did. She gave me a lot of information so I could make an informed decision on whether legal marijuana would be good for me. I also went to a cannabis seminar to learn all about the benefits of legal medical marijuana. I spoke with a good friend of mine who I found out was a user of medical marijuana. She told me that she wouldn’t have been able to live with her depression if it had been for legal cannabis. She even went with me when it came time to go to the legal cannabis dispensary the first time. She knew most of the people there and she helped me choose different cannabis products to try. I have begun to live life again, and I don’t think it would have happened if I hadn’t learned about legal medical cannabis.

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