I finally found the good in me.

For more years than I can count, I have been in therapy.

About sixty percent of my life has been spent in therapy, but it hasn’t helped.

I was using more meds than I should be, and nothing was working. I still had nightmares about my childhood, and I ended up hating who I was. It amazes how some parents are so messed up that they want their children to be messed up just as much. I would have thought that all parents wanted their children to be better off than they were, but not my parents. It was because of them that I had been in therapy since I was ten-years-old. I am now over all the meds that I had taken. I found out about cannabis therapy when I was given an appointment to go to a seminar on depression. The seminar was focused on using medical cannabis instead of medications. I was doubtful about using medical cannabis, but it couldn’t be worse than what I had already taken. I learned about all the different things the medication could do to my body. None of the meds were natural products, but marijuana was. I talked to my therapist about getting a medical marijuana card and I started taking back my life at that moment. I was able to get samples from the marijuana dispensary and I found some that helped me more than others. After several months, I was completely weaned off the medications and I was only using legal medical marijuana. I was finding the good that was in me, and my depression was finally being dealt with.

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