Medical marijuana helped with my fibromyalgia.

I had no idea what was happening when my joints began to swell and ache.

  • I thought I had some kind of horrible disease.

The doctors put me through so many tests that I felt like I couldn’t handle any more. They came back with some garbled news about chronic inflammation, auto immune responses going haywire, or possibly fibromyalgia. I read up on all of this and found out that fibromyalgia was a catch all diagnosis for types of inflammation that couldn’t be pinpointed. I have been taking medicine for quite some time now, but I am tired of the medications. I recently decided to turn to a different type of treatment. I was going to try medical marijuana to ease my symptoms. I had read a lot of information about fibromyalgia. Other than western medicine drugs, they suggest a regimen of alternative treatment. I had to change the way I ate and get rid of all processed foods. I gave up on a lot of meat, and I started meditation. The third arm of my new fibromyalgia treatment involved the use of legal medical marijuana. Marijuana was able to control the inflammation and pain. It helped with the depression that came with the pain and swelling. I would have never thought I would be the type of person who would use legal medical marijuana. I am glad that I am. I am successfully dealing with my fibromyalgia and I am glad I chose to deal by using legal medical marijuana. I’m glad I found all the information that led me to legal medical marijuana.
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