It really is giving me the support I need

I smoked my good share of weed when I was in my early teens.

  • And frankly, I really liked it.

I liked the way it made me feel, allowed me to wind down plus relax. Using cannabis products were somewhat key for me to get through the hardships of getting a PhD. I could use cannabis flower products to sort of stop thinking or worrying over my studies. That turned out to be essential to getting through that period of time. So I find it somewhat odd that medical cannabis products are now a part of my daily routine for Parkinson’s. Of course, there is no cure for this thing. Yet, there are many great treatment plans for which I am unquestionably thankful, however thus far, I have been doing pretty decently with the traditional pharmaceutical treatments. However after figuring out how to get my medical marijuana card, I have added cannabis flower products to my treatment regimen. I did some research on the plus sides of medical marijuana plus decided it was promising enough to get access to the cannabis dispensary. What I have found is that medical weed unquestionably helps both physically plus emotionally for me. I’ve been using medical marijuana for just over more than five weeks plus it has helped me deal with pain. So much so that I’ve nearly done away with the pain pills. I’m also glad to report that since beginning medical marijuana treatments, my flexibility is much, much better as well. However, it is the emotional help I get from cannabis flower products that has been so beneficial. I’m much more filled with hope plus a commitment to living my best life with the help I get from medical marijuana.


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