Changing dad’s mind about medical weed

My father has some pretty strict ideas.

I guess it sounds funny now what his ideas are since he is so different.

My father used to be very against cannabis. He used to talk to me about the use of marijuana and how it would turn me into a mindless pothead. He thought that by getting loud and demanding, I would listen to him and do whatever he said to me. Instead, I became rebellious. When I turned 21, I opened a medical cannabis dispensary. I knew how medical marijuana could help people with numerous illnesses. My father had papers made up about marijuana turning the youth of today into irresponsible potheads. He didn’t even try to understand that a medical cannabis dispensary was just that. When he found out I wouldn’t put flyers in or around my cannabis store, he got miserable. I had never seen my father so miserable, nor do I ever want to see it again. I couldn’t believe what a turnaround he did, when my mother had breast cancer. The doctor suggested medical marijuana to ease mom’s difficulties with the chemotherapy. Suddenly, my father was an advocate of medical marijuana, and no longer preaching about it turning people into potheads. He really got to see what medical weed can do for chronic pain, nausea and the effects of chemo. I was able to give him information and teach him something for once. My dad should have listened to me from the start. I am still angry about that.
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It really helped with his pain issues

Right before my father died, he was in harsh pain because of cancer.

  • They were nights when I would walk into the home and find him in tears.

My dad was in so much pain. When I heard that medical marijuana was legalized in our state, I called him. I got all the information I had to get a medical marijuana ID card, and I started filling out the paperwork. My father was just desperate for some relief. I told my father we would have to go visit the doctor, and he would need the currency to pay. When he burst into tears again, I knew he could not afford it. Told him not to worry about it, and every one of us headed to the doctor. When the doctor suggested the marijuana and how he could use it, I was the one in tears. Even before he got home, he had a notice in his phone about sending and payment to receive his medical marijuana ID card. Dad sent in the payment and a week later, the medical marijuana ID was in hand. Both of us went to the local marijuana dispensary, and talked to the budtender. She basically told me dad could have anything he wanted, but suggested a few things. As much pain as what my father was in, the marijuana dispensary budtender gave my dad the strongest items they had. For the first time in weeks, with the help of medical marijuana, my dad suffered little to no pain.

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Some website help for me

I am not techy at all.

I absolutely needed some help with our website, a few years ago I set up our website through an online platform just like wix.

It wasn’t smart of me. My website looked ugly and barely operated. It also was holding me back. I had curbside pick up offered but couldn’t figure out how to say it on our website. There was no way for a man to do their order online and then have time to option it up at the store. They needed to do this all via iphone call. It was slowing down in the store company because a budtender consistently had to man the iphone. I wanted to offer cannabis delivery but feared it would be even worse of a problem. I finally looked for website solutions for dispensaries. I got our website fixed up by an actual web builder. He made it so I have many pages of writing. My products are highlighted and there is a separate page for curbside pick up. You just fill out the form with your products and now our budtenders just fill it out in the store. No iphone call required. For cannabis delivery there is a separate page for that as well. It is all automated online and so is payment. The process is streamlined, efficient and a big money maker. My workers actually get to work with buyers in stores and I have other employees that handle all online stuff. My company is doing so well since I had the dispensary website upgraded.


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I just lacked SEO strategies

I am an expert on all things weed.

  • I know about all sorts of cannabis strains and products that are out there in the world.

I know about THC and CBD amounts. I have cannabis oil, flower, edibles, topicals, tinctures and smoking devices at our marijuana dispensary. What I do have is any digital SEO skills. I have pretty good sales because I offer good products and a nice experience. However, not many people know about me. The majority of our sales come from word of mouth and great reviews on google. I started looking at seo for cannabis dispensaries. I realized the issue was with getting people to our store through online services. The marijuana SEO dealer first suggested a web design. I had never had a website before and that was definitely holding me back… Due to this, I now can offer curbside pick up for online buyers. I also can showcase what products I have, what the store looks like and where it is. It is nice having the dealer phone number out there. The cannabis SEO agency also got me hooked up with social media platforms. Now I can boast about up-to-date products coming into the store, sales going on or if every one of us has hired a new budtender. I have found I absolutely love being on social media. I also have an SEO analyst helping me web design rank high on google. The increase in sales is insane. I have more people calling the store and placing orders for pick up than I thought. I also get a lot of out of town people now as well.

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The delivery driver destroyed our mailbox

The whole post was ripped out of the ground plus the mailbox was crumpled

A few months after our wifey Pat plus I bought our current house, all of us contacted a recreational marijuana delivery service. The local recreational marijuana delivery service had an online order form. Both of us carefully completed all of the information, including our name, iPhone number, address, plus get drivers license information. Pat even had to upload a clear picture of the front plus the back of our identification card. Pat patiently waited for the driver to arrive with all of our cannabis supplies. Pat plus I ordered a couple of packages of cannabis Edibles. Pat bought many vape pen concentrate cartridges plus all of us bought an ounce of Blue Dream marijuana flower. We also bought a gram of Girl Scout cookies hybrid live resin. The driver showed up on time. The driver was undoubtedly friendly plus pleasant. The child looked appreciate he was barely 21 years old. As the young driver was leaving the house, I saw him beginning sliding in the wet shrubbery along the side of the road. I saw the child slammed on the brakes of his car, however he started sliding down the street. He did not stop until he hit our mailbox at the bottom of the drive. The marijuana delivery driver completely took the mailbox out. The whole post was ripped out of the ground plus the mailbox was crumpled. I abruptly got out of the condo plus walked down the drive to make sure that the driver was okay. He was more concerned with our mailbox than he was with a dire head injury plus small laceration he acquired in the accident.


The delivery driver destroyed our mailbox

The librarian caught someone smoking cannabis

The school librarian, named Gene, called me late on Sunday.

I was already on our way condo for the day plus I was surprised to get a call from my school.

I decided to answer although I was already gone for the day. Gene told me that she found some youngsters smoking marijuana out back by the loading docks. I asked Gene plus she was 100% sure that the youngsters were using recreational marijuana. Gene explained that the scent was distinctive plus she was undoubtedly positive. I turned our vehicle right around plus headed back to the school. I was only a few miles away when the iPhone rang. I drove into the parking lot by the office plus I walked down to the library. The door was locked, so I stopped. Gene came to the door. She had all many of the youngsters stuck inside of the library plus Gene refused to release any of them until I arrived. I did not think any of the students from our regional school district. I got the names of each 1 of the students. One of the young people was a junior plus another was a sophomore. I have no clue why they were hanging out at the middle school, however these youngsters were in a whole lot of trouble. I made each 1 of them call their parents plus I did not release the young people until an adult came to option them up plus talk to me about the marijuana incident. Gene and I take drugs on the school campus undoubtedly seriously. Gene could have called the police.

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The pre-rolls are just so convenient

I’ve enjoyed smoking cannabis flowers for years.

  • While there are all sorts of consumption methods which are available at my dispensary that might be far more discreet and simple to use, nothing compares to the experience of puffing on a freshly rolled joint.

The problem with smokable flower is the skill it takes to roll the perfect joint or blunt. There is quite a lot of gear that is required, including papers, a rolling tray, lighter and ashtray. It causes mess, ash, smoke, and pungent odors. I’m also not all that nice at creating the perfect joint. I tend to either pack the rolling paper too full or not deliver enough flower. I can’t seem to manage a tight, narrow roll and struggle with twisting the ends. Then I am disappointed with a horribly inconsistent burn. The joint either burns up way too fast or I get this giant ash dangling at the end. I’ve figured out that our best choice is to purchase pre-rolls at the marijuana dispensary. I can buy them in affordable singles to absolutely try new strains or choose multi-packs of our number ones. There are options that are infused with weed dust for extra potency. There are all sorts of indicas, sativas and hybrids in everything from sky-high THC to high CBD potency. The terpenes vary from earthy to citrus, and I love that the effects kick in hastily. When I purchase pre-rolls, they are consistent and perfect every time. I can trust that they are filled with nice quality bud without seeds or stems. Instead of wasting time and money by getting exasperated trying to roll a nice joint, I can rest back and appreciate the high.

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Using cannabis topicals to treat cramps in my thighs

I focus heavily on our health and physical wellness. I’ve been a strict vegetarian for close to twenty eight years and stay away from fast foods, processed foods and an abundance of sugar. I limit all alcohol and caffeine, and avoid nicotine entirely. I workout every single day for approximately an hour. My exercise sessions are always harsh and intense, involving a great deal of high impact aerobics. I run, bike, jump rope and perform reps of burpees, jumping jacks, mountain climbers, lunges and squats. I make sure to thoroughly loosen up our joints and muscles before beginning. I include thorough stretching before and after and drink lots of water. I still have some trouble with leg cramps. They tend to hurt at night, when I’m trying to sleep. Normally in our calf muscles and occasionally in our back and thighs, the muscle seizes up and becomes absolutely painful. I am too conscientious about our health to try using synthetic drugs. The list of side-effects is consistently worse than the initial problem. I prefer to opt for natural remedies. Cannabis offers such a beautiful array of curative properties. I am blessed that I have access to legalized recreational marijuana at multiple local dispensaries. I don’t purchase the products for their psychoactive effects. I most often choose topicals that cause zero high sensation whatsoever. When I recognize the start of cramping in our muscles, I rub the cannabis-infused ointment into our skin. I use a topical with a single-to-one ratio of THC and CBD for the sake of the analgesic and anti-inflammatory benefits. The effects set in right away and offer sustained relief.


Using cannabis topicals to treat cramps in my thighs

Cannabis delivery saved my butt!

When recreational cannabis first got legalized in our locale, I visited the dispensary a bunch of times.

I sampled all of the edibles, bought a few tinctures and tried out pre-rolls.

I strictly bought stuff for recreational enjoyment. All that had to change when I became involved in a horrific vehicle accident, but despite a lengthy stay in the hospital and extensive physical therapy, I was in a great deal of physical pain. I was unable to return to our correct life. I struggled to go up and down the stairs, sleep or even rest for long. I came to believe that cannabis could help me. I’d read up on the curative properties of the plant. The cannabinoids which are found in the plant interact with receptors in the endocannabinoid system of the body to promote homeostasis. My greatest problem was trying to get to the weed dispensary. When I looked up their website, I discovered that the weed dispensary offers delivery in our local area. I am able to shop online. I can look at photos and read descriptions of the products. I can search by consumption methods, cost, brands, strains, weights and potency of THC and CBD. It’s harshly easy to add products to our digital cart and checkout. All of our information is saved and as long as I spend a specific amount, delivery is free. The dispensary prepares the packages, texts me an estimated time of arrival and then a driver shows up at our door. I’ve found cannabis vital to our recovery process. While pharmaceuticals left me feeling sleepy and nauseous, this is a natural remedy that treats our symptoms without side-effects.

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Learning about powerful marijuana concentrates

I’ve been shopping at the local cannabis store for 2 years now.

  • I’ve tried a variety of consumption methods, trying to decide what works the best for me.

I started out with edibles, drinks and tinctures, because they are the easiest. After getting comfortable with smokable flower, I was ready to try using concentrates. I will disclose that I was a little intimidated by the varieties and potency of concentrates. I was not too sure where or how I should begin. I still had no clue how to dab. I did some research and l acquired that concentrates are made by distilling down the most extravagant compounds of the plant. The process separates out all of the trichomes, which cover the surface of the bud and are where the cannabinoids and terpenes live. The pulpy plant material is discarded, creating products that have exceptionally high THC levels. While strains of flower might offer around 25% THC, concentrates can include upwards of 80% THC levels. They are especially flavorful, exotic and available in a wide array of strains and textures. Each type of concentrate is quite peculiar . There is hash, rosin, budder, crumble, shatter, wax, live sauce, and diamonds are available to purchase at the dispensary. I asked the budtenders at the medical cannabis dispensary a lot of questions. I am blessed that our local dispensary includes a vape lounge where I was able to safely experiment and experience the best of cannabis concentrate. It’s the perfect environment to get comfortable with the higher potency, rich terpenes and the intense psychoactive effects. Concentrates are super beneficial for curative properties. I deal with dire migraines and have found that cannabis can do the job to alleviate the pain.

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