The cannabis dispensary employee scheduling system wasn’t working.

When I opened the cannabis dispensary, the first thing I had to do was hire employees.

  • I had done some hiring in my past job experience, but I had never had to schedule them.

Scheduling seemed foreign to me. I was talking to another dispensary manager and asked him what he did for scheduling. He told me he had a cannabis dispensary employee scheduling system. He walked me through downloading the software and he also told me how to use it. I was working with him, but I wasn’t catching on. I put all my employees into the system, added how many hours I had to schedule, and started working. I could input how many and what hours the employees could work. I had to admit that everything was going well until the dispensary employee scheduling system wasn’t working. I called the cannabis dispensary manager that I had become friends with over the last several months, and told him about the employee scheduling system not working. He walked me through a sequence of diagnostic tools to find out what was wrong, but he was stumped. He told me to remove the program and reinstall it. Once the scheduling system was working again, he walked me through saving the program at that point, so I could just start again at the beginning. I suddenly remembered why I hated working on computers so much. The programs were only as good as the person who created them, and those who ran them. I was lousy with computers, and was afraid I would never master the employee scheduling system, or any other computer system. .

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Dad’s anxiety required medical weed

My dad’s anxiety has gotten worse as he has aged.

At first he was just a Debbie downer all the time.

Then he started avoiding going places and getting the car. When he stopped going to work and had trouble getting out of bed, it was clear he needed help. My mother was quick to take him to the doctor. The doctor demanded a prostate exam due to his age. He also gave my father pills that had side effects. My dad hated calling in the prescription and frequently forgot to take his pills. After the year was up he refused to go back to the doctor to get them again. It was clear he needed something better. I found that medical weed would be much better. My father didn’t have to do exams. He just talked to a doctor for a few minutes and got a medical weed prescription. The card came in the mail and my dad can pop over to the medical marijuana facility when he needs stuff. He doesn’t have to call it in and remember to pick it up. When he runs out, just go by it like milk. He loves that he can vape cannabis oil too. He wears the lanyard around his neck and drives his tractor at work with it. Since he is a farmer, it is easy to vape cannabis oil when he needs it. It apparently tastes good and keeps my dad in great spirits. I am so glad that he found some relief with medical weed.



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Discreet medical weed products

I also didn’t realize that weed could be in a spray form.

When I became a medical cannabis patient I was pretty embarrassed. I am from a time that cannabis was a gateway drug. It was bad and only druggies smoked marijuana. I remember attending assemblies about the dangers of pot and what it would do to you. It scared me straight for a long time. Now that it is legal for medical and recreational purposes, I should be okay. Well I still don’t want to be a medical weed patient. I don’t want to light a joint or vape cannabis oil outside of the office. It just doesn’t set a classy persona or a professional one. I talked to the bartender at the medical marijuana dispensary near me. I needed some way to take in my medical weed without it being obvious. The guy informed me that I could get a THC infused mouth spray. It looks like normal breath spray but it has cannabis in it. I take a few hits and I have THC and CBD in my system. I make sure to spray myself right after lunch. Nobody suspects a thing. What is great is that I can spray in the ladies room or right before a meeting. It doesn’t scream medical cannabis. I also didn’t realize that weed could be in a spray form. I guarantee the average person doesn’t either. If I need even a little bit more I can always pop a THC infused mint as well. That doesn’t look like weed either. The budtender really hooked me up and helped out my issues.

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Medical edibles are very bland

I feel bad for the medical weed only states

You can get edibles if you are a medical weed patient. It honestly isn’t worth it though. There are so many restrictions to it. Did you know that your medical edible can’t be brightly colored? That is because it could attract children. You also can’t have any kind of yummy edible either. No gummies, chocolates, lozenges, baked goods or hard candies. No chocolate flavored drinks or pops either. What is left? That would be gum, mint and tablets. Delicious right? Well I have always preferred edibles to any form of cannabis. I like that it goes directly into the bloodstream for a quicker high. It doesn’t last as long but I am more of a sprinter than a marathon type of guy. Thankfully my state is okay with both medical and recreational weed. I have medical cannabis oil that I put in my cup of coffee in the morning. This is to reduce anxiety during the work day. It keeps me calm and mellow. For recreational needs I take my edible. I like an edible to sleep or sometimes to brighten up my weekend. Obviously I have to play around with sativa and indica strains. You don’t want to feel authpoic and creative late at night and during the weekend I don’t want to be sleepy. I am so lucky that I have the ability to have recreational edible. I feel bad for the medical weed only states. They can’t get any decent food there. Edibles just are the best form too. You don’t need to mess around with them or buy any extra tools.
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They never visited when I was in a medical weed only state

It is annoying being in a medical and recreational weed state.

  • Why is that? Everyone wants to come visit me suddenly.

When I lived in a colder state that was only medical weed, nobody came to see me. Everyone was busy and couldn’t make it out. When I moved to the west coast near a beach and recreational pot shops, everyone missed me. I constantly am getting people that want to come stay with me. Some people are really pushing it. I don’t feel I have ever had this many friends before. Everyone wants to stay at least a week. I see it. They get a ride from the airport and a free airbnb. I make them food and they get to relax on the beach. They also get access to recreational weed within walking distance. What a cheap, fun vacation. They just need to put up with me for a few days. I have started considering closing down my airbnb. I want to tell people they can’t visit me anymore. I am sick of always having guests. I hate that I need to show off the recreational weed dispensaries. I hate that I am supposed to stock up on food, clean the guest room and entertain my guests. I am willing to do it for my family, but friends don’t get to do it on a yearly basis. Why am I the vacation spot? It is tempting to move back to a medical weed only state just to see if all these friends disappear again.

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Cannabis cream and pregnancy

I feel like there needs to be some research done on medical weed and pregnancy.

I had a lot of symptoms that medical cannabis could have helped with.

I developed really bad acid reflux in pregnancy. Cannabis has been shown to reduce stomach acid. I also had a lot of swelling and pain in my joints. Weed is good for reducing inflammation. I then experienced trouble falling asleep and staying asleep. A tincture would have worked perfectly. They are unsure if cannabis and pregnancy is okay. There haven’t been any tests done on it. I get that smoking a joint or vaping an oil is probably no good. Anything with THC shouldn’t be consumed. What about a topic though? There are topicals that are applied to the skin to decrease inflammation. There is no THC getting into the bloodstream. It is like putting icy heat on your skin. Since the CBD comes from pot, it is a no no for pregnant ladies. But why? I just don’t get what the CBD cream would really do to the baby. If it doesn’t get into my blood, how will it affect the child? I feel that one should at least be allowed. I was so tempted to put it on my swollen ankles and legs. Having any sort of relief at the 9 month mark would have been much appreciated. Instead I just suffered and powered through. Eventually there should be some studies done on topicals and pregnancy. It just makes sense that a cream would be fine for us.

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Can’t bring medical weed on a plane

What stinks is that I recently found out that a medical weed card isn’t a get out of jail free card.

  • This means that you can’t flash it at the airport and take it on a plane.

I really should have googled that before traveling. I am a medical weed patient in my state. I was flying to another medical cannabis state. I brought my card and my cannabis products. I figured I was good to go. I got flagged immediately in security and talked to the guy there for hours. I tried to explain that I had the card and it was all above board. Apparently you can’t travel with cannabis, medical or not. You can’t go over state lines even if they are both medical weed states. So I had the option of turning around and going home or pitching all my products in the garbage. I lost so much medical weed that day. I didn’t even bother to replace them in the other state since I wouldn’t be able to bring them back. I feel like medical cannabis should be allowed on planes. You can take prescription pills, icy hot and all other kinds of medical devices. A CPAP is huge and is considered medical equipment. What is my tube of cannabis cream going to do to anybody? I don’t even get high from it! Well learn from me if you are a medical weed patient. They are not lenient at all in airports and you will lose a lot of product.

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Vaping cannabis oil for panic attacks

I had my first panic attack while I was planning my wedding.

I told myself to calm down and take deep breaths. It just kept coming back. I figured after getting married I wouldn’t have it anymore. Well it still happens to me from time to time. Calming down and taking deep breaths only sometimes works. I made sure to become a medical cannabis patient when things get really tough. I now know the signs of it. My chest feels tight and my breathing feels shallow hours before. I have plenty of time to dose with medical cannabis when that happens. I then vape a cannabis oil and I don’t have my panic attacks anymore. I feel all chill and mellow. I perk right up and have a great day. If I don’t vape my medical weed, I then have a panic attack for around an hour. I felt sick and tired the rest of the day. I am hoping that someday I won’t have them anymore. For right now I think smoking a medical pot from time to time isn’t too bad. It is a natural plant and vaping is a lot healthier than smoking a flower product. I also have the prescription good for a full year. I always renew it and hope that I will go a full year without using it. Eventually I am going to be normal again. Right? Being a medical weed patient for the rest of my life wouldn’t be too fun.

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Topical for joint and arthritis pain

As I have gotten older my joints have started to act up.

I used to get up out of bed and immediately go for a run. I didn’t stretch or warm up at all. My body was good to go. As I have aged I have noticed tightness in my back, neck and hips. I also have developing arthritis in my hands. I have tried eating gin soaked raisins, stretching and getting massages. It didn’t really help though. I heard that a lot of medical cannabis patients are for chronic pain. I did some research and found that arthritis and joint pain can be fixed by a topical. This is a cream that applies directly to the skin for automatic relief. I was really excited that I didn’t need to smoke a product in order to feel better. I also liked that the cream is a bit more discreet and a cheaper product to buy. Getting my medical marijuana card was easy. Buying the right cream was a matter of talking to a budtender for a few minutes. Now I have my cannabis cream and I feel so much better. I apply it first thing in the morning and before bed. Now I can run easy again and sleep through the night. I even like the smell of the cream. It is like an icy hot that isn’t greasy and smells like lavender. I make sure to keep an extra tube on hand in case I need to leave the house overnight. I couldn’t miss a dose now.

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Using a tincture as a sleep aid

Sleep has never come easy to me.

I have always struggled with it.

I tried all sorts of natural remedies. I began working out, mediating and cutting blue light before bed. I even upgraded my mattress, sheets and pillow. Adding a sound machine didn’t work at all either. I finally decided that I needed to medicate myself. I did some hunting around online and found that medical weed was the best solution. I really didn’t want to smoke a joint or take a hit off a bong before bed. Something about smoking always seems really unhealthy to me. I talked to the budtender at the medical marijauana dispensary about it. The guy put my mind at ease. I didn’t have to smoke a flower or even vape a cannabis oil for sleep relief if I didn’t want to. There is something called a tincture. It is an oil that goes in a beverage or can be placed directly under the tongue. It has a slight aftertaste but that is the only negative to it. It works to soothe the body and calm the mind. This powerful sativa has the right blend of THC and CBD to get me to go to sleep. I put a few drops in my nightly cup of tea and I am in business. I really like that I don’t need to smoke or have a bunch of accessories on hand. With the oil I have a dropper and that is it. It takes not even a minute to apply and less than an hour to feel the effects.
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