Vaping while cat sitting

My mother does the snowbird thing.

She befriended a stray cat down south.

I told her that if she fed the cat, it would be hers. Well the cat now has her own house, food and water bowl and a ton of toys. When my mother is down south she treats the cat like her baby. She carries the cat everywhere, brushes her and totally dotes on her. My mother doesn’t want to make the cat travel back and forth though. So when she is up north, I basically own her cat. I have to go over to the house everyday to make sure the cat is fed, has water and is loved. At first it was a huge pain in the butt. Now I have developed a nice routine. I work totally online and I bring my computer. I just work at my mom’s house. I also store some good food there so I can eat lunch. Next I started vaping on my mother’s porch. The cat and I like to hang out front and watch cars go by. I vape cannabis oil to relax me. When I am at home my girlfriend complains about it. She also doesn’t want me to smoke inside. There really is nowhere outside for me to go. At my mother’s, the setup is perfect. I get to smoke in peace and have a nice view. I give the cat a scratch or a brush session while I am a bit high. It has become quite the little peaceful office set up I have. The cat is a good work companion as well.

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Researching the best cannabis product for me

I am a big fan of research.

Anytime I am going to buy something, I research it.

When I needed a new desk chair I spent hours looking at different products. I researched proper heights, materials, colors and styles for an office. I also went to different stores testing out the chairs and their features. Before I bought my chair I even chatted with a worker about all the features. Now that I have it, I know that I did a good job. It is just perfect. When I needed medical cannabis for my anxiety, I knew I needed to research it first. I studied up on the benefits of cannabis and anxiety. I looked at the different ways you can consume cannabis. I read about dab bars and concentrates. I read about vape lounges with cannabis oil and flower products. I looked into the difference between sativa vs indica and CBD vs THC. I knew exactly what I wanted by the time I was ready to buy. I still did more research finding the right cannabis dispensary to have my business. I wanted a highly rated facility with seed to sell products. I wanted qualified budtenders and a close proximity to my home. I even went on the website and did the chat with the budtender feature to find what I wanted exactly. By the time I walked into the store to obtain my medical cannabis, I was basically an expert. I felt I was on par with the worker at the store knowledge wise. I do have the best product for my issue though. All that time was worth it.



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Getting my mother on medical cannabis

My mother used to be really against cannabis.

She was a big believer of the whole gateway drug lies.

She also was convinced anyone on cannabis was without a job and basically a loser. Since the world has changed and she is more open to hearing about cannabis medical benefits, she is a bit more open minded. She has really changed her tune since becoming a medical marijuana patient. It took me days to convince her to try medical weed. Her menopausal symptoms were horrible. The hot flashes came all the time and were severe. She was having trouble sleeping at night too. I found a ton of research about cannabis and menopause. I even had her talk to the budtender at the cannabis disepsnary about it. After all of that, she was still a bit worried. I decided going the medical cannabis route was probably better. Having her go through the process with a doctor, fill out paperwork and get a legal card was beneficial. She feels it is a more legit process and that her product must be better than everyone else’s. I also didn’t push my mother to smoke anything. I can’t imagine her with a joint, bong or even a vape. My mother has cannabis oil. She just puts a few drops of it in her nightly cup of tea. It is supposed to reduce her nighttime hot flashes and help her relax to sleep. So far it has been working really well for her. She is more optimistic about legal weed.

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I couldn't buy CBD gummies at the medical marijuana dispensary.

I found it odd that I could purchase recreational marijuana without a medical marijuana ID card, but I couldn’t purchase CBD or marijuana gummies

Last month, I wanted to try CBD. I had been taking quite a few OTC pain killers and some the doctor gave me, but I got no relief. After talking to a friend, I thought I should go to the marijuana dispensary and see if I could purchase CBD gummies. My friend said nothing when I mentioned this, but she only smiled. I headed to the marijuana dispensary the next day; intent on asking if they had CBD gummies in stock, or if I should order some. When I finally got into the dispensary, I told the budtender what I wanted. She looked at me oddly and told me they didn’t sell CBD gummies at the medical marijuana dispensary. She said she could sell me the RSO and I could make gummies, but the government hadn’t yet added onto the medical marijuana laws. Recreational marijuana was being governed by the same rules as medical marijuana until the politicians go together to change them. The marijuana dispensary couldn’t sell CBD or marijuana infused gummies until the laws were amended. I found it odd that I could purchase recreational marijuana without a medical marijuana ID card, but I couldn’t purchase CBD or marijuana gummies. I was at a medical marijuana dispensary, and staring at the budtender. She told me that if I didn’t like the rules they had to play by, I should call the local legislation and let them change the laws. A part of me thought I should do that, but the other part told me to buy the RSO and make the gummies at home.


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Medical marijuana business start-ups are a lot of work, and I was using a business consulting company.

I could believe how hard it was to get all the paperwork done so I could open a medical marijuana dispensary.

Medical marijuana business startups are a lot of work, and even when I used a business consulting company, it was still difficult.

I even called the consulting company to see if they had someone who could help me with the applications. I knew I would never complete the applications without someone’s help. Once I got through all the paperwork and had the go-ahead to get my marijuana dispensary, the business consulting company told me there was one thing I needed to have completed. I needed a working website that would attract potential customers and show them what my business plan was and how it would help them. I was building a brand now, and I wasn’t sure I was ready. The business consulting company told me I was ready, or I wouldn’t have gotten this far. I needed to get my website up and running, and I also needed to do some marketing. I didn’t like the idea of doing marketing, but it was a necessity. My business consultant told me there was nothing to it if I had the right people to guide me through the process. They were going to do ninety percent of the work, and all I had to do was sit back and reap the rewards. I hoped it would be as painless as my business consultant told me it would be. I had tried to create a website and install SEO into it, but I never got past the first page.

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I waited for the guy to arrive, but he was already gone

I placed an order online last night for delivery this morning.

I was not asked what time I wanted, but I wrote a message in the area marked for comments.

I told the place that I wanted delivery between 12:00 and 2:00. I had an appointment in the morning and I knew that I was not going to be home before then. I got up in the morning and took care of my business. I got home around 10:30. I waited several hours for the delivery driver to arrive. I said between 12:00 and 2:00, so I waited until 2:30 before I contacted the marijuana dispensary. I told the woman on the phone that I had ordered a marijuana delivery the previous night. She wanted the order confirmation number. She came back to the telephone line and tried to tell me that my order had already been delivered. I told her that I definitely was not in receipt of the items. She informed me that the driver had been there at 8:00 that morning and no one was home. I told her that I put a note in the comment section and she honestly told me that no one ever looks at the comments. I waited for the guy to arrive and he had already been there. I wasted my day and he wasted his time. I was so angry and frustrated that I decided to cancel the order. I went back to town and went to a marijuana dispensary nearby so I could go to the store and get my items in person.



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I’m able to join life for the first time

It’s been numerous weeks plus believe it or not, I finally went out on a date

There was a cute guy once where I worked that thought he was doing me a favor. To him, I was just painfully shy plus I needed some socializing. This guy wanted me to go to his church plus meet with his preacher so I could be more social in the right way. While I’m assuming his intentions were nice, he was way off the mark. Until I started using cannabis products, I couldn’t have gone to church or anywhere else like that due to our social anxiety. In fact, soon after that very encounter, the company began offering incentive to work remotely from home. I jumped on that immediately, plus began to further isolate myself. But while I wasn’t cheerful about being so isolated, it was so much better than the extreme stress put on our entire being when I was in any sort of close social situation. Still, I longed to believe like a normal man plus be able to just go to the grocer without psyching myself up. Thankfully, I found cannabis products. This was due to Bob, a dear neighbor of mine, who has been a sort of lifeline for me. She accepts me the way I am plus doesn’t push. At the same time, Bob has gave me with unusual treatment chances for our condition. When recreational marijuana was legalized, Bob finally drove me by the hand to the local cannabis spot. That’s where a cannabis expert set me up with a great sativa strain that has proven to help folks in our condition. It’s been numerous weeks plus believe it or not, I finally went out on a date. It’s unbelievable how much cannabis products have enhanced our life.
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I am loving this cannabis dispensary

I was super uneasy about moving.

  • This was the first time in our life that I was entirely on our own.

That’s unusual to say for a 48 year seasoned man. But when I left new home for college, I had several roommates. That was fun plus there was some recreational marijuana thrown in there while in those afternoons. That’s actually how I met our hubby Bob. Bob was making pot brownies – poorly – at a get together I attended plus I let him know. I was ready to get mansplained about using cannabis but this guy was different. Bob listened plus was actually super thankful for the cannabis comprehension plus the fact that I stopped Bob from wasting a bunch of fine weed. I went from roommates to sharing a new home with Bob for twenty years. All of us recently divorced plus while it was amicable, I wanted to get out of town. Too multiple proper things that just limited by resilience. So I took a different job with our company that came with a relocation. The bonus was that here, recreational marijuana is 100% legal. So I got to actually shop for marijuana for sale which was so cool. But what I saw at the local cannabis spot wasn’t just the best sativa I’d ever had. I found exceptional people plus a great vibration that was welcoming plus kind. I’ve l gained more info about the area plus made more social contacts just by shopping for marijuana for sale at any of the local cannabis spots. And I’m actually gleeful about life in a way that is completely unusual than it’s ever been before. This new chapter might be the best 1 I’ve ever written.


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A fun time at the local cannabis spot

My neighbor Jo is forever reminding me that life isn’t over yet plus I couldn’t be more thankful for her.

Jo is actually the 1 who invited me to go with his on a trip to the cannabis dispensary.

I had tried smoking recreational marijuana when I was in college but it wasn’t all that great. That wasn’t due to the quality of the cannabis products as much as it was a result of me get togethering. Every time I tried marijuana when I was in college, I was already pretty drunk so I just ended up going to sleep on multiple couches. So I wasn’t so sure that trying recreational marijuana again would be that great an idea. My hubby passed away a few years ago after a large heart attack at work. Bob was less than multiple years from retiring. While I have been now working to reclaim from that grief, Bob’s passing also reminds me of just how fragile plus rare this life entirely is. That’s why I’m so thankful that our dear neighbor Jo keeps pushing me toward living life. Jo and I went to the local cannabis spot together plus it was a revelation. Jo and I talked to the staff who put together a bit of a sample pack for us with sativa, indica plus a hybrid strain. But the young guy also suggested that every one of us go around the corner to the cannabis cafe to try 1 of their yummy edibles. So every one of us took our cannabis products plus proceeded right around the corner to a quiet side street where the cutest cannabis cafe sat. Since Jo and I didn’t know what to share, every one of us decided to go with a pot brownie. And every one of us just nibbled a little, as every one of us were instructed as every one of us were both still rookies at the cannabis thing. Honestly, it was the best afternoon I’ve had since Bob died.


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Holistic changes add marijuana use to our lifestyle

Eventually something had to give plus I’m so blissful that I finally realized that a big change would be necessary before our body completely broke down or worse.

For more years than I can count, I have been running at full speed when it came to life.

After a mellow college experience where I felt at ease, making decent grades plus engaged in life, it all changed. I put away my recreational marijuana because I needed to work. That was the feeling back then. When you got your degree plus the fine job, you put the childish things away. What I didn’t realize was that cannabis was not a childish thing but rather a balancer for our life. Once I got going in our career, I went hard. There was so much money, prestige plus success at our fingertips plus I wanted to be all about it. That meant eighty hour work weeks, awful diet plus leaning on alcohol. That was a recipe for disaster. Then all of the sudden, I was fifty plus in entirely terrible shape from running like that for far too long. That’s when I reached out for a change in the form of a more holistic lifestyle that included cannabis products. For the first time since our college afternoons, I was using sativa plus vaping hybrid strains for sale at the local cannabis spot. But the marijuana was coupled with a healthier diet, exercise, rest, meditation plus reducing our work schedule. The cannabis products have been the key elements in this change. It’s been just over a year plus our dentist is thrilled as our health has improved. vastly My husband is super cheerful as well because I’m alive plus living our best life.



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