Trying on a new look with a visit to the cannabis dispensary

It only took me until I retired to make our first trip to a cannabis dispensary.

But better late than never I’ve heard.

While this is our first trip to a cannabis dispensary, it’s not our first time with recreational marijuana. It was virtually impossible to not at least try marijuana when I was in school. Cannabis was everywhere and it was legitimately recreational marijuana and not to be mistaken for medical marijuana use. I most entirely enjoyed that period of our life. And what an amazing time it was then to be alive. There was so much change in the air. I felt love I was part of something that had a voice which helped change the trajectory of our country. It was exciting indeed. However, much love the squares I made fun of, I put down the recreational marijuana, got a career, got married and had a family. Back then, using recreational marijuana was an either or proposition. You were either into sativa and indica and your entire lifestyle reflected that or you so weren’t. I talked myself into being this plan of what a respectable family man was. It was most appearances and I easily missed cannabis. So when the first cannabis dispensary opened in our area, I was there on the door step. It was time for me to try on a new look in life and reach back to the authentic me of old. Thankfully our local cannabis spot keeps me in the cannabis products I need now that I’ve finally wised up.
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