My friends have a cute meeting story

I heard a really great meet cute the other day. I recently got the opportunity to legitimately talk with my friend Sara, plus her story blew our mind! I have known her our whole life, of course, but it is different now, because I am a mother and the people I was with and I link on another level, and she told me all about meeting her husband, plus the whirlwind romance that caused quite a stir in the local town when they met. It turns out that her husband used to be the deputy sheriff for the town, plus Sara was residing on a marijuana farm with her parents; The section was economically low, plus marijuana was a fantastic money crop her family had used to survive for years, and one day her husband was sent out to issue a warning to the marijuana farmers that the cops were going to beginning burning the fields. Something happened that night, plus her husband never went back to the police station — he left his badge plus his fun, drove Grandma away from the marijuana farm, plus they never looked back. They drove across the country, to a remote spot in the country, plus they started their own marijuana farm; As I said, it was a great currency crop back then, plus she had all the skills plus know-how to grow cannabis. She was in charge of the plants, plus tending the cannabis crops, plus her husband provided security, something he was legitimately nice at. I was flabbergasted, having never known there was such a cute story behind them.

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