I love going to the plumbing conference

Every year during the Spring there is a conference for the local plumbers.

  • The boss always asks for volunteers to go.

Some of the guys at work like getting out of the house and the daily grind for a couple of days but most of the employees don’t raise their hand because it’s a huge pain in the butt to leave and be away from your family. I don’t have a family. I am a single guy and going to the plumbing conference is always a load of fun. Everyone goes to the conference and there are representatives from every single one of the local HVAC businesses. I’ve been volunteering to go to the conference every year for the past 5 years. The conference is held in a state where medical and recreational marijuana are legal. The prices on medical and recreational marijuana are lower than any other place in the country. We have medical marijuana in the state where I live. I have a prescription and I have to pay astronomically high prices for the products that help me with pain relief. Those same products are available in the state where the conference is held and they are only half price. I usually try to stock up on medicine when I am there. I have a way to get it back to the house without getting into any trouble. If I can hit the dispensary every single day, I will buy my daily limits for medical and recreational marijuana. There is absolutely no other way for me to save money on the medicine that helps relieve my pain. Even prescription drugs don’t seem to work as well as cannabis products.



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